Get An Exact Replica Of My Done-For-You Automated Trello Editorial Calendar!

The only way to actually CREATE more time in your business is to use automation and systems to move your business forward. Save yourself the time of creating an automated Trello calendar by grabbing this free template!


You get:

  • A Trello board template customized for bloggers, content creators, and online business owners
  • Butler, the automated app for Trello, customized for adding labels and checklists for every blog post you create
  • Track the post as it goes through the blog post creation process to make sure you don’t miss anything 
  • Checklists added automatically for every post that you can edit to customize to your own workflow and process 
  • The Butler app added PLUS the Calendar PowerUp (usually you can only add one PowerUp to a Trello board unless you pay for the business Trello account but I’ve added both for you) 
  • The Calendar app which lets you see a monthly and weekly view of your upcoming scheduled posts   

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