Best FREE Courses for Entrepreneurs You Need To Take This Year!

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Let me guess:

You’ve purchased and taken at least ONE business course or online class for your business.

Am I right?

And you probably paid between $30-$3000 for some of those courses.

On top of that, some of you – scratch that – MOST of you didn’t even finish the entire course.

Am I right again?

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In fact, more than 90% of course takers don’t finish their classes! (source)

So why spend that money (and so much of it) for those courses when you are just starting out in your business and have a finite amount of business capital to spend? Or even if you are still within the first couple of years in business and you’re still managing your startup capital very closely? Yes, people buy courses that are insanely expensive, even if they are just starting out in their business…but why?

Well, because you need to learn, right?! You need to learn in order to grow and scale your business larger.

But, what if there was an easier way?

A more economical way that preserves your business capital for things such as tools you need, more funds to allocate to your actual products?

What if you could find FREE online courses for every facet of your business and gain all the knowledge that you need, whenever you are looking for it?

That’s why I wrote this post – so you can preserve your thousands of dollars and put it towards maybe only ONE paid course this year with less money than buying 5 different courses. Or to spend it on ads, or products, or virtual assistants, or coffee, or whatever else you need to spend it on.

This post covers almost every topic that you need to start and grow your online business. There are classes ranging from starting up your business, to classes for using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for marketing your online business, to how to design graphics for your business, how to sell ecommerce products online, productivity courses, and a special list at the bottom for those free courses at top Universities around the country. Did I mention these are all free online classes? I think I might have.

The next thing to keep in mind before you go signing up for thirty different courses is to be wary of what course you are signing up for, and to prepare a method in order to get the most out of each class.

I urge you to go read my blog post on determining if signing up for that course is right for you – because not all of them will be right for your learning method or will mesh with your business tactics the right way.

Head over and read the blog post, and then come back here to dive into the hefty list of online courses below!

The Pitfalls of Buying Online Courses – It’s Not All Lamborghini’s & Bikinis!

I also think it’s important to mention a few tips of taking any online course:

  • If it’s not serving you, don’t waste your precious time on it
  • Use a video speed controller Chrome extension to speed up video. This has saved my life!
  • Write down actionable steps as you hear them/mark them in a workbook if there is one
  • Actually create time in your schedule to do these steps, so that they get implemented and done
  • Don’t waste your time taking ALL of the courses – just choose the ones that you need to focus on in your business. Keep this list for later, and you can come back to it when you need to learn a different topic!


Free Online Courses for Business

Free Courses For Starting A Business:

Noah Kagan– Chief Sumo at

Make Money From Home: How to Build an Online Business

Horkey Handbook: 7 Days or Less to Branded Website Success

YestoTech: Free 5-Day Dream Website Challenge

Colette Broomhead’s Just Getting Started Course


Free Courses For Facebook:

Facebook Blueprint Courses – Directly from Facebook themselves

Kitz and Courses: Facebook SOS


Free Courses For Twitter:

Social Media Training – Twitter

Free Courses For Instagram:

Zoe Linda’s Instagram Playbook

Alex Tooby’s Instagram Course

Jenna Kutcher’s Masterclass – 3 Secrets to Get Your Next 1,000 Instagram Followers


Free Courses For Pinterest:

Summer Tannhauser’s Pinterest Power 5 Day Course

Jenna Kutcher’s How to 5x Your Web Traffic Using Pinterest

Organize Your Biz – Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101


Free Courses For Youtube:

Jessica Stansberry’s Youtube Guide

Video School Online’s Youtube Best Practices


Free Courses For Blogging:

Emily Ann from Girl Boss Academy’s From Blog to Biz for Beginners Course

Blog Biz Boss’s Learn WordPress Free Course

Addi Ganley’s Affiliate Blueprint Course

Femtrepreneur’s Build A Profitable Blog Course

Jeff Goin’s Intentional Blogging Course

Making Sense of Cents How to Start A Blog Course

The She Approach: Tweak & Peak Challenge to fix your most common blogging mistakes


Free Courses For Content Marketing:

Hubspot Academy Content Marketing Course

Amber Creative Co’s The 10 Step System to Creating One Info Product Per Week


Free Courses For Copywriting & Creating Sales Pages:

Enchanting Marketing’s Free 16-Part Snackable Writing Course

Write with Worditude’s Collection of Copyright Courses

Patti Haus’s How to Write a Killer Email Course

Andrea Goulet Skillshare Find Your Brand Voice: Personality for Business Success Course

Free Courses For Ecommerce:

Paper + Oats’s Etsy on Autopilot Course

HerPaperRoute’s Sell Out! Facebook Ads Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Course

Make Money Thrifting – 5 Day Thrifting Challenge

Quicksprout’s How to Make Your Ecommerce Site More Mobile Friendly

Quicksprout’s How to Increase Conversions on Ecommerce Sites

Quicksprout’s How to Get Exposure For Your Ecommece Site Without SEO

Udemy course on Starting a T-shirt Dropshipping Business with Shopify (POD)

Brittany Olson’s Boutique Bootcamp Course


For Branding & Graphic Design:

Paper + Oat’s InDesign Cliffnotes Course

DesignCuts Design Tutorials

Ivory Mix’s Canva Jump Start

Wonderlass’s Strong Brand Mini Course


For Productivity:

Brian Cervino’s Skillshare Course – Productive Prioritization: Tools to Build Your System | Learn with Trello

Think Creative Collective’s Your Biz On Autopilot

Brittany Berger’s Automate Your Creative Biz Course

My Adaptable Career’s Master Time Management Course


For Personal Development + Entrepreneur Mindset:

Udemy Course on How to Overcome Any Kind of Business Fear Easily – This one has a bit of a language barrier, but based on the reviews it’s very highly rated so I included it!

Bright Space Coaching’s Be Powerful – A Mini Course for Confidence


For Email Marketing List Building

Nathalie Lussier’s 30 Day List Building Challenge

SumoMe’s Email 1K Course

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Course

Meera Kothand’s Email Lists for Newbies

Jenna Kutcher’s Email Freebies


For Web Traffic and SEO:

Successfully Simple Sister’s Google Analytics Course

Rand Fishkin’s Skillshare Course on Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs

Moz’s SEO Learning Section – Who knows SEO better than MOZ?

 Lena Gott’s Adventures in Blogging

Sites that have multiple free courses:


MIT Open Courseware’s Entrepreneurship Courses


Skillshare’s Free Section



Here’s a few I thought would be useful:




Social Media



You can sign up to get access to free courses on CreativeLive. They have a section called OnAir that allows you to look at who is currently streaming, and learn from them, which is a bit like learning by watching live TV! The rest of their courses are paid, I believe.


QuickSprout University


Link Building

Content Marketing

Social Media

Paid Advertising

Email Marketing

Conversions & Sales


There you have it! The best free business courses you need to take to soar your business this year!

When you’re first starting out in business, you’ve got SO much to learn, and usually only a finite amount of capital available. Save that money and take some free courses structured by those who know it better, instead of floundering watching Youtube videos all day. You save time, money, and your sanity with this list of courses that covers almost everything you need to know to start your online business.

What courses are your favorites? Did I miss any that you’ve taken and loved? Let me know!

To help you with all of these free courses you will probably sign up for (if you’re anything like me!) I made a FREE course tracker for you to eliminate overwhelm and to make sure you get the most out of every course! You can sign up for it here:



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Need to take a course but don't want to spend the money? Look and see if your subject is available in my list post of free online courses for entrepreneurs! Best FREE Business Courses You Need To Take This Year - The Success Mountain | #onlinecourses #freecourse #freeonlinecourses #entrepreneurcourses #online #blogging #bloggingtips #productivity #success


Need to take a course but don't want to spend the money? Look and see if your subject is available in my list post of free online courses for entrepreneurs! Best FREE Business Courses You Need To Take This Year - The Success Mountain | #onlinecourses #freecourse #freeonlinecourses #entrepreneurcourses #online #blogging #bloggingtips #productivity #success+


Need an online course tracker to track all of the things to do in your online courses? Sign up for this free printable! #freeonlinecourses #printables #entrepreneur #coursetracker #onlinecourse #free #digitalprintable #productivity #timemanagement| The Success Mountain