9 Best Subreddits for Self-Improvement

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Personal Development, Productivity

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Reddit is an interesting place in the internet world. You can find terrifying stories written in two sentences to shake you in your boots, or you can check out hilariously photoshopped images by the most creative people on the internet. 

You can also find great topics about improving your life, work, and get in-depth relationships about your exact situation.

I’ve learned a lot from these Reddit forums, such as creating a separate identity for your anxiety and stress, and how to keep your habits in check and build new ones.

To exemplify the best parts of Reddit, I’ve rounded up a few of our favorite subreddits for self-improvement and personal development to make you more intelligent and improve your life!

1 | /r/selfimprovement/


Best For:

Improving yourself, personal development, productivity, learning new things

My Favorite Top Performing Post:

I’ve been on reddit for 2 years. Here’s a TL;DR of everything I’ve learned from selfimprovement



3 | /r/GetMotivated


Best For:

Using motivation through inspiring stories, getting and giving advice for motivation.

My Favorite Top Performing Post:

[Image] You are very much on time. from GetMotivated


4 | /r/howtonotgiveafuck/


Best For:

Learning how to deal with life’s craziness, and not care so much about what the world expects or wants from you – to live a happier life. Focus on yourself, and stay in your own lane.

My Favorite Top Performing Post:

One of the few things I have seen on my family member’s Facebook that I can actually agree with from howtonotgiveafuck


5 | /r/productivity/


Best For:

Improving how you use your time. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, it’s how you spend your time-dollar that matters.

My Favorite Top Performing Post:

I built "to-go kits" for every portion of my life. It’s made my routine near effortless and way more productive. from productivity


6 | /r/GetDisciplined


Best For:

Getting rid of procrastination, and using discipline to improve yourself.

My Favorite Top Performing Post + One More:

[Advice] This is the *real* secret to success…a million self help books boiled down to their essence in one sentence. from getdisciplined


I couldn’t leave this second post out – select “IMAGE” in the below post. There is a part where he states “No More Zero Days” which helped me through a time of depression in my life!



[METHOD] [PDF] I was disappointed with my life, so I searched up r/getdisciplined. Here is the summary in one page. from getdisciplined


7 | /r/explainlikeimfive/


Best For:

Learning things in laymans terms from smart people who can explain it better.
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” – Einstein

My Favorite Top Performing Post:

ELI5: In quantum physics, why do particles react differently when being observed? from explainlikeimfive


9 | /r/DecidingToBeBetter/


Best For:

Self-improvement, positivity and eliminating evil from humanity (or so they say in the description)

My Favorite Top Performing Post:

What I’ve learned from 20 years of living with Depression from DecidingToBeBetter


The Maturity Climb, funny, yet so true from DecidingToBeBetter


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