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I’ve sold products on Amazon’s FBA program, CreateSpace program, and Merch by Amazon. I’ve done Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, white labeled my own products, and ventured into the Wholesale realm where I got approved for three Shark Tank brands and other million dollar companies to support and improve their online presence on Amazon.

My next endeavor is to start a new online shop and grow it to be successful! I also plan on growing my passive income with this blog, and document my journey along the way!

Are you focusing on your online business right now? If so, you’ve come to the right place to learn how to effectively build your online and passive income business, learn about being an online entrepreneur and actionable tips to improve your success! 

How to Survey Your Audience When You Don’t Have One Yet

When we first start out blogging,, we hear all these things like "survey your audience" and "find out what they want". Most of us sit back after hearing that and go - umm what the hell, I don't even have an audience, how am I supposed to know what they...

The Dangerous Truth About Time Scarcity & Tunnel Vision

Have you ever been so focused and preoccupied with something else in your brain that you literally can’t think of anything else? If it was work related, it might be focusing on that upcoming deadline while you’re at home spending time with family. If it’s...

Pitfalls of Buying Online Courses – It’s Not All Lamborghini’s & Bikini’s!

When was the last time you saw a sales pitch for an online course or seminar?
I bet that you’ve seen at least one ad for an online course within the last few days, am I right?

Ecommerce Product Review: Tangent Templates

  NOTE: This is NOT an affiliate link program. I just really love the products that Katharyne and Isaac have. In fact, I’ve bought at least two other programs from them in the past! I just generally wanted to share with others how amazing their Tangent...

How to Fascinate Your Customers [Book Summary]

  Do you find ice cream fascinating? That's silly! Instead, if your business were to be an ice cream flavor, regardless of if you like the flavor, would it be vanilla, or pistachio? If you chose plain ol' vanilla - run right back to the business ice cream...

The Boss Chronicles: November 2018 [Pre-Income Report]

To read the very first report of The Boss Chronicles, head over to this post here, where I talk about the idea behind The Boss Chronicles, and more about my personal story. DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links, where, at no cost to you, I may...

3 Time Management Techniques to Speed Up Success for Entrepreneurs!

  22 min read Time management is a myth. Wait, what? You didn't think I'd say that two seconds into this post, didja? I sure did - and I'll explain here in a second... But I know what you're thinking: if I am claiming that time management is a myth, that must mean...

Abstainers, Moderators, and a Lot of Cupcakes

I like to think of myself as a fairly healthy eater – but one time, I totally let myself eat six freaking cupcakes in a day! Okay okay, they were mini cupcakes…but still! Then, this morning I was searching online, and I came across an article by Gretchen...

The Creative Way to Stalk Your Competition

  Stalking your competition. Everyone does it. I'm looking at you! Especially with our internet world now. It used to be all - oh I have to sit in my cold car overnight with some donuts and coffee pretending I'm on a police stakeout to see if my recent...

The Best Gifts For Bloggers They’d Never Ask For (But Secretly Want!)

It's that time of year again - time to pretend like you didn't wait last minute to buy your blogger or writer friend a gift  You know you've been thinking about Christmas for the last couple of months - but dang it, there's two more holidays before...

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