The Boss Chronicles

A list of my pre-income and income reports where I log my journey of the actions I’ve taken to build an online business with multiple passive income strategies from the ground up.

Follow along to learn what to do, what to run away from, and the behind-the-scenes look at an online business.

What are The Boss Chronicles?

Oh, budding entrepreneur.

Overwhelmed and struggling blogger.

Stress-bundled website flipper and niche site owner.

Work at home wife.

You see them all over the interwebs:

Income reports.

When you read other online entrepreneurs and blogger income reports, you see those new bloggers claiming to have made thousands that month.

But it’s not often that you see the reports about the business before it started making money.

Most bloggers start to publish income reports after they start making money – but you’ve got questions like:

How long did it take them to get there?

What steps did they take that caused their success?

& what does a digital media company or business of an online entrepreneur really look like on the inside, every day?

It drives me kind of crazy – like, those new bloggers showing their income reports – if you’re brand new to blogging, how do you know the right steps to take to become a successful blogger or build a long-term sustainable business?

But even though I’m a new blogger, I’m going to dive into talking about blogging anyway.

Only – I’m not going to preach about the steps to take to be a successful blogger until I am successful myself.

Instead, I want to put a twist on the ol’ income report.


I want to document the journey of my passive income strategies, so you can see a realistic behind-the-scenes look at how long it took someone to work on their blog,  and to get results, even with the right education from expensive blogging courses.

 These reports will help you make knowledgeable decisions by helping you decide if this is the path you want to walk down.

And if so, I can help you get started, and how exactly to gain that freedom you so desperately crave while you’re in your cubicle at work, staring longingly out the window (been there, done that)!

One day, I’ll tell you a story about my nose print on a window…lol.



Why Start The Boss Chronicles?

Because I get it. Income reports are enticing.

Because reading other bloggers or niche sites income reports have given me hope that I can live the life I want, and that I can pay off our massive student loans.

It gives you excitement and hope that you really could quit your job and start an online, location independent business.

So that you can stop dreaming of your life being what you want “one-day” and start acting on it today!

And reading other income reports has helped me see what actions I should be taking as a new blogger.

Hence – I wanted to introduce this idea of The Boss Chronicles – where I talk to you about the real, tangible, actionable steps that I am taking to start making money from a blog.

I’ll outline for you what my goals were each month, along with other metrics, and actions I’ve taken that month to move my business forward – or what has stepped us back.

In reading these so called reports, you can make the best decisions possible about your business based on someone who has been in the trenches – and avoid the things you know aren’t right for your own business.

No need to learn the same lesson twice.

And I personally love the behind the scenes stuff!

Haven’t you always wondered what the everyday process looks like for your dream job?

It’s like watching How It’s Made at 2 a.m. lol.

(Just me?)


So wait, who are you?

First of all – my name is Tiffany and I have been working at home for over two years now.

I started selling on Amazon FBA in 2015 and quit my full time job in 2016.

After some time of selling on Amazon, I realized there’s a less risky way of making money online that would allow me to be location independent and run multiple businesses.

The reason I did this rather than roll in the riches of the Amazon wholesale business model is because I didn’t enjoy what I was doing.

I didn’t enjoy cold calling companies to ask them permission to buy their product.
I didn’t enjoy buying products that I had no personal emotions about.
I didn’t enjoy purchasing thousands of dollars of product, risking the largest amount of money I’ve ever spent, only to hope I got a return.
I didn’t enjoy putting my entire business model at the hands of Amazon with no control on what happens to my business.

So, I pivoted.

I straight up walked away from my growing business on Amazon.

And I risked it all again to walk away and start a blog.

Starting from zero again is difficult – but it’s better than staying in a job you dislike, or even hate.

For me, it was like a sigh of relief and a breath of fresh air all at once.
I started on this new journey to grow a community of entrepreneurs (including you, my darling)!

And while I have pivoted my own business, I have still gained plenty of knowledge and experience in my previous business, which is where I can help.

That’s what I’m here for – and because I learn from actionable steps and examples from others, AND I like a good story, I’m here to show you a journey of success and failure – and to pave a path for you to learn and avoid those errors that I may make on my journey. in order to help you with yours.

This is why I started The Boss Chronicles.

Because there’s no way we can’t live the life we’ve always craved.

Because I’m on a mission to pay off debt, and so are you.

Because I’m building a community of online entrepreneurs who know that life isn’t all about cubicles and commutes.

Because you and me?  We know there’s more to life, and there’s an entire incredibly amazing and beautiful world out there we have yet to explore.

Subscribe – Let’s do this!

So be sure to subscribe to updates to The Boss Chronicles – you’ll learn what to avoid in your online journey, and you won’t miss a single report!
You’ll learn lessons and actionable strategies and see the results from my tests and actions I took that month, to help you avoid making a similar mistake in your business, or to see which strategy is currently working in the online world.

Instead of trying each strategy alone, by yourself hoping that they will work based on information you’ve read scattered throughout the internet, you’ll learn what strategies are working for The Success Mountain that you can take and implement on your own site or online business.


Let’s do it!


What months have we covered so far?

September 2018 – The one where my page views dropped.
October 2018 – The one where I made income in my 5th month!

November 2018 – The one where I learned a lot


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