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NOTE: This is NOT an affiliate link program. I just really love the products that Katharyne and Isaac have.

In fact, I’ve bought at least two other programs from them in the past! I just generally wanted to share with others how amazing their Tangent Templates product is, as a way to pay them back for all of the valuable information they provide and invest in their audience!

So, you’re dabbling in e-commerce.
Maybe you’ve sold a few things on eBay, maybe a little on Amazon, or maybe a little on your own site.
Maybe you’ve even written a book or two for Kindle or Createspace.

UPDATE: CreateSpace is being discontinued and has moved over to Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s a better platform in my opinion, with easier reports and processing! You can access it here.

But – It takes a ton of time!

  • Time you need to find a niche that’s not over saturated
  • Time to sift through and find low-competition books
  • Time to brainstorm and vet your idea
  • The time it takes to write the book (weeks…maybe months?)
  • The editing process, cover creation, and any additional costs


It also takes money:

  • You have to hire a ghostwriter if you’re not that good at writing
  • Or you need to hire an editor to edit your book after it’s written
  • Not to mention there’s literally entire professions made around creating book covers and the psychology behind how the eye reads a book cover

And sometimes, even after all that – it doesn’t even sell, so you’re out of all of the time and money it took to test out your new idea.

How about we eliminate all of those pains for you?

  • You get to create your own notebooks, on your own time
  • You can hire someone if you’d like (I use my VA)
  • You don’t have to worry about the interior – it’s all done for you already!
  • You can try multiple niches with multiple ideas, pain-free without hardly any time at all



What is the secret?

Using a program called Tangent Templates to sell unlimited amounts of products, blank journals, notebooks, memory books, niche books, music books, or school books with absolutely none of the hassle that you’ve had to deal with before.

The best part is that if you’re new on this venture, you can start selling on Amazon this afternoon!

Okay, it does take a day or two to set up once you submit your book, but how fantastic does that sound?

It’s an incredible time-saver, I can tell you that.

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Here’s an example of notebooks and journals that I’ve created with Tangent Templates:



Who Created Tangent Templates?

Katharyne Shelton and her husband Isaac are creative thinkers and marketers. They are the founders of Blue Sky Suite which offers multiple online courses to help you create new products and brands using innovative ideas to take your online ecommerce business to the next level.

I’ve personally purchased multiple courses in their Blue-Sky Suite and love every single one of them! The amount of ideas that comes out of Katharynes head – all of us in her audience are about 120% sure that she’s an innovative genius!

They realized there was a need and created Tangent Templates after realizing that there were the same old boring black and white composition books during back to school season. I’ve been able to use this product to create better products to increase my sales on my CreateSpace platform.


What can Tangent Templates do for my Print on Demand Ecommerce Business?

Freedom! Exploration!

You can have the freedom to create any product you want. You can customize it and stretch those art skills I know you’ve been hiding in the closet.
You can explore new niches and come up with other product ideas.

You can eliminate the difficult part of creating print on demand blank books: the technical side of creating book templates and book margins!

Using this program, my virtual assistant and I teamed up to find niches that were lacking with notebooks and journals on Amazon. Often, you will find blank boring journals or composition notebooks during back to school season at the big box stores, and that’s what Katharyne noticed, as well.

Our job as curators is to use Tangent Templates to find those audiences who want to buy gifts for their friends or family. We simply find a niche we wanted to improve upon, and my VA creates a cover for that audience and niche.

We use the Tangent Templates cover templates as the perfectly sized file to place our images using Canva or Photoshop to create a beautiful cover.

Then, we used the already-done-for-you interior pages that we want for our projects, and upload as the interior file in our book!

Tangent Templates offers a numerous amount of interior files, and custom sized cover images for you to create your own covers in any niche for any audience.

If you want to create easy print on demand products for your audience, a journal for your online business or a customized book for your conference, these make it so simple.
You can create any book cover imaginable for your online business, tied to your specific audience, family members, friends, coworkers – you name it!


What File Types does Tangent Templates Offer?

They have you covered from:

  • Blank book cover templates in 15 different sizes
  • Interior Files in 40 different paper types – with sizes to match EACH one!
  • And even a new Template Builder tool that lets you customize your own templates together! (Seriously, just for this feature alone – the possibilities are nearly endless!)
  • Each of the book cover templates and interior files

Here is a list of every single one of the paper types covered in the program:

  • Blank pages
  • College ruled pages
  • Wide ruled pages
  • Graph paper in 4x4 and 5x5 sizes
  • Dot grid paper
  • Hexagon pages in small and large
  • Isometric paper
  • Storyboard paper
  • Sheet music pages
  • Guitar tab paper
  • Pitman Shorthand and Gregg Shorthand paper
  • Calligraphy slanted grid paper
  • Cursive writing paper
  • Journaling pages
  • Handwriting practice pages
  • Knitting or crocheting paper in 4:5 and 2:3
  • Ukulele Tabs
  • Kanji practice pages
  • Cornell notes pages
  • Sketch paper
  • Sermon journal pages
  • Grimoire/Spell pages
  • French ruled paper
  • Wide ruled lines with dots
  • 4 various types of comic book and storyboard pages for filmmakers or anime/manga creators
  • Half and half pages:
    • Half wide ruled/Half graph paper in both 4x4 and 5x5 sizes
    • Half college ruled/Half Graph in both 4x4 and 5x5 sizes
    • Half wide ruled/Half blank pages
    • Half college ruled/Half blank pages
    • Half graph/Half blank pages in both 4x4 and 5x5


Whoa – that is a lot of paper types.

They now have even MORE pages and templates on their site, PLUS tools and builders to create and customize your own templates and books. It’s literally like books on-demand! You can’t get any more simple than how they have it set up!

Can you imagine trying to create those in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop? I have very limited skills in either of those – I can’t imagine trying to do any of them.

I tried once – it turned out all misaligned and messy. After that, I had a bigger appreciation for Isaac and Katharyne making this product for us.

The funny thing is: I’m an IT technician! I know computers, and I’m very technically savvy.  But not in Photoshop, haha.
Seriously: save yourself the time, struggle, and learning curve of learning the Adobe programs.


How Do You Use Tangent Templates?

You simply take the interior file and upload it to your Createspace/KDP book upload, along with a customized cover that you’ve made or outsourced, and it’s literally just – done!

There’s no messing with editing, layouts, wording, or any of that. It’s already done. I have almost no knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, which is good, because it’s already done for me, and I don’t have to mess with the confusing software at all.

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The last couple of months my VA and I have been focusing more on our POD business, and we were able to increase our sales by an insane amount.

Having the interior files already done was our saving grace, and we were able to focus on creating better products, instead of worrying about the sizes, line spacing, and all of the tiny details of a journal.

I even created journals just for The Success Mountain!
(Note: Below are Amazon affiliate links – I receive a small portion of your purchase at no extra cost to you, which goes to support and providing valuable content to you on TSM. Thank you!)

The Success Mountain Journals Made with Tangent Templates

Tangent Templates Rocks!

Right now, this is my most favorite way of creating passive income for my family. I love being able to use my (albeit limited) art skills to create beautiful notebooks for the customers on Amazon.

I don’t know if Katharyne and Isaac plan on increasing the price (it’s likely they will, since this is such a popular product right now – and they just released a fantastic update to include even more file types) but I would jump on it ASAP!

I don’t believe that there is even any other product currently on the market for something like this – they are literally making waves in the print on demand community by offering this product.

I actually bought mine within the first hour of them launching Tangent Templates, because I knew it was something I absolutely needed – and I haven’t regretted it for a moment.

If you’re looking for more information, here’s a video by Katharyne which shows you exactly how to use and what’s involved in Tangent Templates!


She also has a great brainstorming video here that I recommend watching.

You can look into Tangent Templates here.

If you’re planning on utilizing print on demand platforms to increase your income on e-commerce at any point, I would seriously think about adding this to your arsenal of online tools.

So – onto you now!
Have you thought about purchasing Tangent Templates?
If not – why not?
Do you have any questions on this or how to publish your own books on Createspace or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)? Reach out to me and let’s chat!

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