The Entrepreneur Mindset: What if Worms Had Machine Guns?

by | May 24, 2018 | Business, Personal Development

When it comes to the entrepreneur mindset, it can be difficult to squelch fears, doubts, imposter syndrome, or anything else that arises. For me, it’s “what if”?

There is a quote that my friend used to always tell me when I started this “what-if” game.

I’d sit there and wonder about “what if”  this went wrong, or “what if” I did this and it all was ruined (whatever it was at the time).

He’d say, “So? What if worms had machine guns – it doesn’t mean that that’s going to happen.”

And then he’d kindly try to guide my mindset back to a realistic expectation (because I’m a perfectionist) and remind me that not everything needs to be asked ”what-if”.

I’m horrible at it sometimes – and you know, another great trick that has worked from me if you are a fellow what-iffer, is to actually answer the question. If your mind is going to put that stress on you, you might as well utilize it to its best.

Your mind likes to ask questions – because your mind wants to solve problems.


“Well, what if I run out of startup money?”

You’re an entrepreneur – you’ll go out and earn more money any way that you can and get right back to it. That’s just what we do, boo.


“What if a customer is really angry because the post office delivers it too late because I didn’t ship it early enough?” (That one answers itself)

You ship it early enough, and you won’t have this problem. Also, your customer service playbook should already have a crafted answer for late shipments. If you don’t – put it on your to-do list and write those systems. I’m always preaching that aren’t I? ?

“What if my launch has literally no interest?”

Before you officially launch, make sure you’ve caused a stir in your audience. Get opinions from others, change tactics, vet your idea. It may not work the first time, and if it doesn’t work – is that so bad? Remember, we learn more from our failures than our successes.

Can you be okay with failing one time in order to be okay with success another time? If you can get there, the thought should resolve itself quickly.


A great person to listen to about mindset and reframing thoughts is Kyle Cease. He’s so good about talking about how our minds are liars.

He talks about how our mind creates these imaginary problems in our head and points out that we are perfectly safe sitting in our house on our sofa, worried about things that don’t exist.

Don’t get caught up in the mental game that your brain likes to play. It’s only trying to watch out for you and survive by detecting future problems that might occur, in case they happen – and in doing so, you play into its game.

Don’t let it! Realize that a thought is just a thought, and you don’t need to listen to every notion. Sometimes my mind comes up with random thoughts like “What if I had a real elephant as a pet and I had to keep it in my backyard and take it for walks?” They are just amusing funny thoughts that our amazing brain comes up with. That doesn’t mean I’m going to go get a damn elephant. I just say, “well that’s cool that my mind came up with that, thanks brain!” and move on.

Would you believe that any sentence that comes out of a kid’s mouth is true? Absolutely not!

So next time you have a what-if thought and before you get in a kerfuffle about the thought (OMG what if no one likes my product/service and I look like a total fraud?) analyze it with a grain of salt.

Ask yourself if this thought is just a crazy one or if it’s a genuine problem that you should figure out.

If it’s the former, let it go!

Our minds have wild imaginations and sometimes come up with the craziest things to get us to solve the problem before it even exists in real life.

Moral of the story:

Don’t immediately believe every thought you have

Don’t let your mind take control and spiral out causing you to be a ball of stress

Don’t let worms have machine guns – we might actually have an apocalypse if you do.

The Entrepreneur Mindset: What if Worms Had Machine Guns? | The Success Mountain

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