10 Reasons to Switch to Flodesk from Convertkit [A Full Flodesk Review]

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Business

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Updated July 2020: This post was originally published October of 2019. This post was updated in July of 2020 – so it’s up to date with the newest information from Flodesk!

Do you have email anxiety?

In fact, do you recall the fear you felt when you first started your email list for your business?

It was stressful enough brainstorming great emails to send, but on top of that, it was scary working in your email software.

What if you hit the wrong button?
How do you set up automations, forms, and rules?
What if you set up the configuration wrong and sent your entire list an email you didn’t mean to?

We all have some of that anxiety with our email list!

That’s why it’s crazy important that we feel comfy using our email software!

You might have a service like Convertkit or MailChimp, but I want to introduce you to a new one called Flodesk.

You may not have heard of it yet, because it’s still fairly new, but it’s taking the internet entrepreneur world by storm.

Flodesk takes all of your email anxiety away, and even makes emails enjoyable from the start!

In fact, after signing up for your free Flodesk trial, I bet you’ll actually be excited to send emails!

In this Flodesk review, I’m going over the 10 best reasons I switched from Convertkit to Flodesk. Flodesk got rid of my fears of messing up my email list with it’s incredible features and beautiful interface!

We’re also going to cover sooo much about what Flodesk is, why it’s better for creatives, how to switch, and links to more advanced tutorials for those of you who are ready to dive in!

Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links, which helps support our site. Please read our policy here.

Sick of the price hikes and confusing 'tags' 'broadcasts' and 'segments' in Convertkit? Looking for Convertkit alternatives? Check out Flodesk with their free trial in this post... How to Switch to Flodesk from Convertkit - The Success Mountain

What’s in this post:

  • What is Flodesk
  • Flodesk vs Convertkit
  • Why is Flodesk better for creatives?
  • What 10 reasons convinced me to switch from Convertkit to Flodesk?
    • 1. Gorgeous email designs
    • 2. Flodesk pricing is bomb
    • 3. Growing your email list with Flodesk is so fun
    • 4. Using Flodesk Segments
    • 5. Flodesk automations and workflows
    • 6. Flodesk lets you embed Instagram!
    • 7. The Flodesk customer support team is straight up boss
    • 8. Flodesk analytics and data
    • 9. Features available such as landing page, blocks, & integrations like Zapier 
    • 10. Templates are gorgeous and easy to create
  • What are the CONS to Flodesk?
  • How do I transfer my email list from Convertkit to Flodesk?
  • The discount coupon code for free trial of Flodesk + 1 free month (and 50% off for LIFE during the beta!)
  • Flodesk Training – How to use Flodesk:
    • How to Switch from Convertkit to Flodesk (step-by-step!)

Let’s get going!


What is Flodesk

Flodesk is a groundbreaking new email marketing software for bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to send beautiful emails to their audience. You don’t need any fancy tech skills or knowledge to implement their intuitive and gorgeous software!

I just switched from Convertkit to Flodesk….

But why, you ask? Convertkit is near the top of the food chain at the moment – why would I switch?
Let’s go over 10 reasons why!


My Review of Flodesk Vs Convertkit

Lets face it. Convertkit is one of the cheapest and most versatile email marketing softwares on the market, but it’s hard to figure out as a beginner, and tough to learn.
At least it was for me.

I mean, I didn’t even figure out that I had to have automations set up with my sequences until someone told me.

Several weeks in.

And THEN I didn’t drop down to Publish for my emails in the sequence!

Needless to say, my new subscribers weren’t getting emails, and I’M the one who works in technology! I should know these things!

Usually software doesn’t take me any time to figure out, I can intuitively pop in, take a peek around and start working in it.

Convertkit was not intuitive.

It was confusing.

The knowledge based articles were confusing, I didn’t know which applied to me, and it was just too much.

I know that if I’M feeling this way, then you are feeling technologically overwhelmed with Convertkit too. Or whatever email service you’re using!

When I first signed up for ConvertKit, I wanted it for the features.

I was quick to notice that it wasn’t really what I was looking for.

But I didn’t have any other options.

Fast forward a year and a half, and I’m edging up to the Convertkit price increase, where your bill gets increased for having a certain number of subscribers.

Not cool!

My income as a blogger is still growing, and I don’t want to fork out even more dollars, like I suddenly had an income increase after reaching that N’th subscriber.

It’s like I’m being punished for growing my business!

Even more not cool.

As I was coming up to this, I heard someone mention Flodesk.

I thought I’d take a gander because I like to learn about the newest tech stuff in the world – and I was hooked almost immediately. I knew I had to write a review to share it with you guys!

I immediately loved the platform, the ease of use, understood where things like my audience list and workflows and opt-in forms were located, how stylish everything was, too. I also LOVED that there is a dedicated support Facebook group where the owners interacted every day!

The ability to offer feature requests, and an audience of almost all bloggers or online entrepreneurs who know exactly what you need and are super helpful, with a software that is making strides without the price increase?

That’s my kind of platform!

Add in the bonus that I get a chance to support women entrepreneurs in the digital technology industry – count me in. 

Convertkit doesn’t have any of these features.

But why would Flodesk be better specifically for creators, entrepreneurs, and bloggers?

Why is Flodesk better for creatives

While creative entrepreneurs love to, well, create, it can also be difficult to learn software terms and read instruction articles on how to set up your email list with other subscribers.

You are a creator for a reason.
You should be able to hop in, use a tool intuitively, and then hop out to go do what you do best.

We also need to be able to include photos and design our emails with intent, and on brand!

This isn’t the early 2000’s! We need something updated, seamless, intuitive, and beautiful.

We need to connect with our audience using unique stand-out features.

Flodesk offers all of these, and more.
Unfortunately, Convertkit and other mailing services make things difficult by requiring code or sometimes non-intuitive locations for how to connect workflows and opt-in forms together. Like I mentioned before, I didn’t even know there was a silly drop  down box for ‘publishing’ your emails. 🤦‍♀️

Keep reading for more details on just how seamless their software is, and what it does to put the power back in your hands when growing your brands email list.


So what reasons are there to switch from Convertkit or your current ESP to Flodesk?


1 | Create gorgeous branded emails in minutes

Plain text emails.

It’s supposed to be better to use plain text emails because of deliverability rates – right?

Fortunately, Flodesk is aware of this, and everyone I talk to has shown an increase in open rates, deliverability, and click rates after signing up.

If you’re thinking Flodesk sounds great but you want to keep your plain text emails – Flodesk does have this option!

Despite using a software for its technical features, we have to remember that we’re sending to real humans who, depending on your audience, would prefer to see beautiful emails over plain text.

Yes, plain text emails look like you’re sending ‘from a friend’.

But a lot of our brands nowadays are so visual, it’s almost required to have photos, so you might as well spice it up into a beautiful layout than yet another plain email.

Some users in the Flodesk Facebook group, (yes, biased) are stating that they are forgetting who these plain text emails are from since there’s no branding to remember them by. This makes sense!

But to boil it down – do plain text emails get delivered more, or opened more?

Natalie Franke Hayes  answered a discussion in the Flodesk Facebook group :

“For me – the proof is in my data. Better open rates, a ton of organic engagements (responses) and frankly—the fact that I’m inspired to create again. I got bored of sending newsletters in the past so I stopped… now… I’m on fire to create these emails because they truly reflect my brand and take minutes (rather than hours) to craft.

Also…I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of plain text… cold sales emails… I get them every day and just delete most of them without reading. When someone wows me with a gorgeous, personalized email — I’m excited to open it. I love certain brands for this very reason.


Anthropologie for instance—gorgeous layouts, visually appealing, I’m going to open every single time.


Flodesk is giving us the capability to create emails that are as beautiful as Anthro’s in minutes (without needing a full marketing and design team behind us). Technology like this has never existed before. It’s going to change the game”

So many entrepreneurs in this group are stating that their open rates and deliverability are WAY up, even over Convertkits (supposedly the leader in deliverability).

I even had a user in the Facebook group state that earlier this week (at the time of publishing) she had a 100% deliverability rate with her image rich email! 


The plain text email is outdated. The data is showing itself in its real, every day users.

Try it for yourself!




2 | The Flodesk pricing structure is for beginners with low budgets and advanced business owners who have been in the game a while

It’s a familiar feeling among bloggers that, once you get to a certain number on your list – you clean it out.

Or you pay the higher price for not doing so.

You encourage unsubscribes, and try to keep your number below the pricing threshold in your current email marketing software.

But no matter how many unsubscribes you get, at some point you’re in the business of growing your business – so you’ll hit that price hike anyway.

Guess what? I’ve got good news!

Flodesk is not that way!

In fact, their pricing is cheaper than Convertkit during their beta pricingand there isn’t a price increase punishment for growing your list – ever!

Right now with my link you can sign up for Flodesk and lock in over 50% off each month pricing, for LIFE! That’s $19/month, with NO price hikes, unless you cancel and resubscribe.

This is only during the beta program – and between you and me, it’s been open for a while now, so you might want to sign up while you’ve got the chance!

I have a feeling their official launch is coming very soon!

You even get a free 30 day trial to make sure you really want to switch (highly recommend doing the trial even if you’re not planning on switching, just to be aware of what’s out there. These girls are going to make strides in the internet world in the upcoming year, whether you sign up or not – you’ll be hearing about them. And the trial doesn’t require a credit card to sign up!)


3 | Growing your list is going to be easy with these opt in forms

The Convertkit forms look funky! That image won’t center, the font spacing is weird – it’s so clunky and it needed an update. They did an update not too long ago and it simply doesn’t do your email forms justice compared to Flodesk.

Just look at my before and afters:

Before: Blech, weird, boring

After:Clean, fresh, sophisticated




Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?


4 | Segmenting your list with Flodesk segments

Tags? Rules? Segments? So confusing!

In Convertkit, I kept getting duplicate tags for some reason, and it was super confusing to know what to do or how to fix it. 

On top of that, unfortunately I started using tags too late, so I lost a lot of information about my subscribers.

Take that whole problem and toss it out the window, because luckily, Flodesk took out all this ‘tagging’ nonsense, and does it all on the backend for you!

You can see what they signed up for, what they’ve clicked, how good that is compared to industry standards and your own stats…there’s a lot to look at.

They’ve made a ton of changes since I started and wrote this post, too:


Flodesk workflows

5 | Flodesk Automation and workflows – what in the world are tags/broadcasts/segments/rules?

When I first started my email list, I had no idea how to use Convertkit, and it didn’t really click easily.

I made a lot of mistakes.

It was like I was forcing a puzzle piece into place.

That’s why we shouldn’t be overcomplicating things for ourselves with the wrong software!

Going back to our email anxiety… have you ever created a sequence and then forgot to turn on the automation?

Or “Publish” the emails in a sequence?

Or WORSE – didn’t know you had to HAVE automations? DOH!

I’m sure I lost a few subs because it obviously didn’t send the opt in they were signing up for.

Yeah…don’t be like me, lol!

Flodesk eliminates all this confusion with their interface.

ConvertKits methods may work for some businesses, but I needed something simple, that would allow me to utilize it to the fullest while I grow, and focused on other things.

I never understood why there are tags and THEN segments. It just seems unnecessary.

Flodesk just has four sections:

  • Emails
  • Audience
  • Workflows
  • Forms

Nice. Easy. Simple.

No ‘rules’, no ‘tags’, no confusion.

You still get the benefits of adding conditions within your workflows, in an easier to use format.

This is the essence of Flodesk.


6 | Embedding your Instagram into your Flodesk emails!

One of Flodesks unique features is that they show a live version of your Instagram feed in their emails!

This is a super cool feature that a know a TON of you are going to LOVE!

It reminds your users to click over to your social feed, and it sets you apart from all the other emails they’re currently getting!

Plus, it keeps your emails on brand, and unforgettable.

7 | The Flodesk customer support team is straight up boss

With Convertkit, they tried to make it easy with many support articles, explain if/thens and complicated segments and rules.

But there was too much complicated, and long documentation on their website.

I literally needed hand-holding, and I’m a professional IT technician!

I’ve had to hop onto support many times in order to get the answers I needed, or the situational question answered.

Flodesk has eliminated the need to reach out often to support because of their intuitive software.

Think about it.

The times you’re bound to need support the most is when you’re setting up your list, or transferring it to another email provider.

With a less complicated interface, Flodesk has eliminated the time you’re spending digging through articles like Convertkit, and less confusion reading those articles.

And when you do need support, they have a lively Facebook group where I’ve gotten answers within minutes, instead of spending hours or weekdays waiting for a response. Their email support is also very quick to respond!

You can simply email support@flodesk.com if you need help, but with a growing user base, you can also hop over to the Facebook group to get faster advice from users!

My favorite part about their support team is I have become familiar with the users and employees. Because they are a smaller company, they have more time to focus on you, instead of a large team keeping up with a larger industry.


Flodesk email subscriber data and stats dashboard


8 | Flodesk analytics and data

Another thing I love about Flodesk is the data they share on your emails. This is improving as it grows, however I enjoy the metrics I can see for each individual subscriber, form, and email I send out.

I love seeing how many people are inside the workflows, going through the funnels, how many bounced or unsubscribed, how many haven’t read this particular email, and tons more analytics within the Flodesk dashboard!

They’re updating these all the time, because they know data is a vital piece for business owners.


Flodesk interface designing an email


9 | Flodesk features such as landing pages, blocks, and Shopify & Zapier Integrations

Just to add images or anything custom such as a button in Convertkit and other email services, you need to know coding.

HTML coding, even just to add a button? Jeez.

Let’s make it easy to send emails, right?

Want an image?
Just drag and drop a cute layout from their options and upload an image within their size range.

Want a button?
Drag and drop your button, design it – voila.

It’s that easy.

Create branded, memorable emails with their on-hands interface.

You can create landing pages and host them directly on Flodesks website, and just forward your users to the landing page!

You can also use blocks to customize and brand your emails to look exactly how you want – high end, polished, and inviting!

You can also do SO much more, but my absolute favorite game changing Flodesk feature has to be integrations!

You can use Zapier and Shopify integrations to do SO much more.
For example, you can collect emails after your customer has purchased something from you – and add them to a list.
Or have your customers automatically be added into a funnel which leads them to a tripwire or a bigger upsale product.

The ideas are literally limitless, and it’s only going to get better as they add more features and integrations.


Flodesk email templates

10 | The Flodesk templates are gorgeous and easy to create!

The best for last – this is what catches your eye with Flodesk. This is what allows you to stand out from the numerous other emails in your audiences inbox.

This is why they will remember you!

These free templates are beautiful, and there’s tons of customizations you can do to brand your emails, add photos and stand out.

It may even make you send more emails 😉

Alright – maybe you’re thinking this sounds like a pretty good deal.

You might be wondering…


What the cons are to Flodesk?

I’ll tell ya.

The main problem, which isn’t a problem really, is that it’s in the beta stages, so they’re new, and growing.

The pro to this is that it’s only temporary.

That, and you get to connect with the owners and support closely while they’re still smaller! I’ve talked to the CEO’s quite a few times in that Facebook group and through emails on ideas on how to help them get the word out on social media!

Another con is that since they are new, their integrations are limited. They currently can connect to Shopify and Zapier! This means that those who use Woocommerce can connect directly to Zapier, and then to Flodesk!

I have my customers who purchase products through my Shopify product sent directly into a new workflow with thank you emails, and eventually I’ll create more advanced funnels. It’s set up already for me, so it’ll be super easy.

Make no mistakes, this email software is going to take the email market by stride (it already has). So despite it being in its testing stages, it will be improving massively even from its great start right now.

As a business owner protective of my email list, I want to keep things stable.was concerned to switch over at first, and I heavily weighed the pros and cons.

The only things you can do to make this decision is to think on it, and give it a try.

Again, don’t forget that right now you can get a free 1 month trial of the software, and if you sign up afterwards right now during their beta, you’ll get 50% off the monthly price, for LIFE!

I decided to lock this pricing in while I could.

It’s the right fit for my business right now, and it’s perfect for my needs as a small business owner and blogger.

I will say, that if you have many products and many many emails and funnels already created, you may want to see how difficult it will be for you during your current stage of business – as you may want some features that aren’t unlocked yet in the Flodesk platform.
I want to be honest here – Flodesk has some growing, but it’s great for beginner and intermediate business owners. If you’re a Ruth Soukup or a Jenna Kutcher who needs more advanced features for your biz – you may want to skip this one for now.

If it sounds like it’s the right fit for you – sign up for your free trial and take a look around!

50% Off Flodesk Promo Code: THESUCCESSMOUNTAIN

Remember, you can use the coupon code “THESUCCESSMOUNTAIN” when you sign up for your Flodesk account or click here to save 50% on your account. 

This gives you UNLIMITED subscribers for just $19 a month for life!
But this pricing is only available during the beta period, ending soon!

The normal price after that is $39 – still less than Convertkit after your 1000 subscribers!


Flodesk Training – How to use Flodesk, how to transfer your email list to Flodesk, & other tutorials:

How do I transfer my email list to Flodesk from Convertkit?

Ready to switch from Convertkit to Flodesk?

Okay, this is going to be a little long, so if you want more of a detailed checklist, click here on how to switch from your email software to Flodesk.

To get started, let’s go over a quick vocabulary lesson:

Forms in Convertkit = Forms in Flodesk
Automations in Convertkit = Workflows in Flodesk
Tags in Convertkit = Segments in Flodesk. They got rid of tags to avoid confusion
Segments in Convertkit = Also segments in Flodesk

I created a free ebook on how to set up Flodesk for the first time. Whether you’re switching from another email provider, or you’re starting your list from scratch, I thought it’d be helpful to put out a step by step tutorial walking you through it.

I needed one when I started, there wasn’t any articles or blog posts at the time for me, so I created it!

It’s called the No Sweat Flodesk Step By Step Tutorial for Beginners.

It’s a fantastic ebook for you to get started, with a walkthrough on how to set your Flodesk account up for the first time.

Ready to make the switch?

Sign up to get the ebook here:



You can also join their Facebook group for any support if you’re worried, but it’s quite simple! I’ve done the hard logical part for you with the steps above!

Remember, I have a post on how to help you transfer your email list from Convertkit to Flodesk here!

That’s it for my in-depth review for Flodesk!

So, what do you think about it? Do you feel like this is a better fit for you compared to your previous email provider?