Gratitude Will Change Your Life

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Late last night I was perusing Amazon Prime Video for something cool to watch. Lately I’ve been interested in watching shows about science, space and astronomy, you know – the normal tv shows everyone watches, right?

I came across a show that, as I watched it, I hollered for my husband to come watch it with me.

It was that good!

Science of Happiness - SoulPancake - The Success Mountain-min


It was called The Science of Happiness by SoulPancake, and their first episode was called An Experiment in Gratitude.

The show, and its hilarious host Julian, explains that psychologists have scientifically proven that how much gratitude you have in your life is closely correlated to your overall happiness.

But can we really change our happiness without changing large external factors such as our bills, wage, relationships or where we live?

The answer is yes!

In fact, Harvard University says that gratitude is consistently associated with greater happiness. It also helps to improve your health, deal with difficult problems in your life, and strengthens your relationships (source). However, you do need to actually feel gratitude to get results, and not simply say it.

SoulPancake did their own experiment to test if gratitude really makes you happier:

They took random volunteers and had them do a quick test on their current happiness levels.

Then, they had the volunteers think of the most influential and impactful person in their lives.
They asked them to write down how they felt about this person, and why the person was so important to them.

Afterwards, they had them call the person and tell them what they wrote.

This is where the magic happened!

Calling the influential person and expressing their gratitude and appreciation for them actually increased their happiness levels.

Not to mention it made the other person feel really good, too!

And wouldn’t you know it – it’s available for you to watch on Youtube, here!

SoulPancake actually found a volunteer that scored a perfect score on their happiness test!
Watch that video here.

When asked what her secret was, she shared her morning routine that she contributes to her happiness.

The first thing she said?

Feeling thankful for the little things:

Running water, food, soap – the necessities that we all take for granted today.

So if you find yourself down in a slump or maybe just having a bad day – think about doing something that makes you feel gratitude.

It’s scientifically proven to cheer you up!

Call someone up, or post on social media with the hashtag #TSMgratitude and tell them how amazing they are, why you love them, and how grateful you are to have them.

It could change your happiness, and maybe even their life.

What makes you feel thankful?

Gratitude Will Change Your Life - The Success Mountain

Why Gratitude Will Change Your Life | The Success Mountain | Learn scientifically why Gratitude changes our brains and human body | #positivity #gratitude #gratitudeactivities #gratitudelesson #gratitudechallenge

Why Gratitude Will Change Your Life | The Success Mountain | Learn scientifically why Gratitude changes our brains and human body | #positivity #gratitude #gratitudeactivities #gratitudelesson #gratitudechallenge