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As an individual that enjoys learning new things, and also previously as an employee who wanted to get out of the rat race (I hate this there a new term for this yet? I should coin one…) I was always looking out for the next adventure that I wanted to take in my career – because I am one of those odd ones that likes change. This led me on a journey to start selling on Amazon, and eventually partnering with quite a few wholesale companies as a result, growing my business to what it is today. This article talks about how I started selling on Amazon, and the steps I took to get where I am now!

I was searching around on Pinterest and found a blog post about a girl who took a scanner, found some items to sell, and sold them on Amazon! Honestly, I had no idea that you could even sell on Amazon. I had no idea there were third party sellers, what merchant-fulfilled meant, or any of that.

But naturally, I was interested, so I went ahead and did my research on Amazon and the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) business.

I ended up finding Jessica Larrew’s Amazon BootCamp course, in April of 2016 and purchased it.

This is how my Amazon selling business all started!

I started selling with Retail Arbitrage (which sounds like something shady, but it’s not) which is where you go into stores and find lower priced items that are selling higher on Amazon. You look at quite a few other metrics, as well.

So once you’ve found items, you purchase those, send them in, and cross your fingers for a sale. The best part is that pretty much everything sells! I have seriously sent in items that logically shouldn’t have sold, but did.

Imagine going shopping for a living – different stores, different products, traveling – and you get to keep anything that you don’t want to sell such as all of those extra awesome deals! It was pretty great.

After doing RA for a little while, we had actually moved into a fairly small apartment a few months in. I decided I wanted to try my hand at Online Arbitrage (finding your products on online stores instead of in a local store). I did fairly well with this and used programs such as Tactical Arbitrage and OAXray to scan quickly.

Eventually, I realized that I could attempt to scale my business with RA and OA, or I can maximize my scaling abilities by buying wholesale and selling retail on Amazon and utilize a prep center to do so.
This wholesale world opened up a whole new door for me. I researched selling wholesale on Amazon, and I found an awesome course called The Wholesale Formula. That course changed everything! If you’re interested in a review on The Wholesale Formula, let me know and I’ll write one 🙂

I switched to doing strictly wholesale, and in January of 2017 I made my Amazon business official by filing for an LLC and all of that legal jazz.

Shortly thereafter, I hired my first virtual assistant employee!

As my business grew, I decided that I was ready to quit my full-time job. I put in my notice and cut down my hours from full time to part time in October of 2016. I didn’t end up fully quitting until April of 2017 when they found a replacement. This was great because it gave me some time to adjust.

The adjustment between employee to full-time boss-lady was a bit difficult for me! On top of another move that was also around that time and still completing school, and some personal family health problems, it was a bit much for me to handle.
So, I was forced to slowed down for a few months on the business and tried to focus on myself and family for a little while for my own sanity.

As I got back into the groove later in the year, I realized how important it was to get my systems in place for all of the tasks that need to be completed in a business.
Daily tasks, accounting tasks, managing goals, measuring progress and metrics, sourcing new products, sales pipelines – there’s a lot to be done in a business, and can be especially overwhelming for a brand new business owner.

Luckily, I found a system called WEBS by Trent Dyrsmid. He has been such a good source of education and inspiration and has helped show me what a successful business owner does in their daily business. You can check out his awesome podcasts and website here at Trent has an awesome background in starting successful businesses, and has had amazing success with Wholesale.

After utilizing and learning so much over the year, I have learned that my weakness is sales (which I have my own opinion about – if you’ve ever read The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster by Darren Hardy, I highly recommend it! Hint: everything is sales, you HAVE to get good at it no matter what business you have) and I had such a hard time convincing companies to sell me their products. I found it difficult because that there were so many Amazon sellers who gave us a bad name in the Amazon wholesale game, and overall the model simply didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t believe in the products I was selling, and it was very difficult to find products that I was passionate about that I could also sell on Amazon.

I wanted to be able to use my sales game to build those great long-term relationships with wholesale vendors, but I wanted to do it in a different way, so that I could use my skills and sales ability to the fullest extent to say and show them what I believe I can do for them. This leads me to today!

Nowadays I’m pivoting my business from the competitive Amazon wholesale model to more of a digital products + creating bundled products + white labelled products model (apparently I must carve my own path in everything in life) which I think is a better fit for my creative personality.

Now I am single-handedly building my own products or using already curated products to buy wholesale and sell retail, and create my own line. My team and I have a lot of exciting ideas for the next couple of years – and I’m so excited to keep the momentum going!

I’d love to hear where you are in your business.

What are you focusing on?

What are your goals for the year?

What do you need help with or are struggling with?

I’m for real, I want to hear from ya!

All of us work-from-home solopreneurs need support, lets support each other through the roadblocks and the speed bumps that will inevitably come our way – send me a comment or an email, lets chat!


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