How To Learn Something Fast & Never Buy A Course Again!

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How to Research the Heck Out of Something Super Fast, So You Never Have to Buy a Course Again!


  1. Research Ultimate Guide To…

Bloggers right now are focused on creating long, valuable pillar content. Although this is part of their monetizing strategy – it’s also super beneficial for you! Which is a win-win for both bloggers and readers. I bet someone out there has already written about the question you’re wondering.


  1. Find popular YouTube videos and watch a few

Dive into this. If you want to save the money of the course you’re thinking about getting, at least take the time to watch some videos.

To speed this up, my favorite trick is to use the video speed controller Chrome extension to increase the videos so that you learn faster. In fact, I’m so addicted to this Chrome extension that I am sad when I am on a PC that doesn’t have it – I seriously can’t live without this.

Here is the video speed controller add on for Firefox


  1. Research “I wish I knew before…”

“I wish I knew before I started an eCommerce business” for example.

This will pull up valuable lessons learned from other entrepreneurs. Honestly, I find it more important to pay attention to lessons that other people are learning rather than assuming it doesn’t apply to you.
You can always take something away from someone else’s experience – you don’t have to go through the experience yourself to learn something.


You can also sign up for my Online Course Tracker, where you’ll also receive access to my newsletter and the keys to The Vault, where I have all of my freebies! This Online Course Tracker has lists, sheets to take notes on, write down memorable quotes from your courses or your research, and allows you to organize your thoughts and research into a cohesive plan to take action and get the most out of it!

  1. Find authorities before you dive into the many many available resources available.

The authorities will have more lessons learned, and probably other authorities linking to their sites that you can follow. Gather a list somewhere or put it in Excel or a Trello board so you can easily go back.


  1. Choose one authority and dive into their content.

Binge-watch or consume their content. Give yourself a couple days or so. This is where you’ll learn tiny gold nuggets is deep within their content, it could be a small quick quip – but something might just click for you.


  1. Join a Facebook group/Reddit

Seriously, I mention joining Facebook groups or online communities all the time, but these are so helpful. You get to sit back and watch as real-world experiences are being shown right before you. You get to learn from others struggles so that you don’t have to follow in the same footsteps. I’ve learned SO much from just sitting back and browsing comments.


Make sure to limit your time on this, but while in the research phase, go full force if you’re feeling motivated and inspired.
Use it to your advantage, but don’t burn out!


  1. Interact with the groups you’re a part of to get the most out of it

The groups won’t be as beneficial if you don’t ask questions. Anything you run into, doesn’t matter if you think it’s dumb or silly to ask – it will save you time and the only person who’s dumb is the one who’s not asking.

(But also make sure you do your research before you ask a question – nothing is more frustrating than seeing the same questions over and over in a group because no one searches first – that’s why some posts never get responded to).

Also, you won’t get much out if you don’t also give back. You really want to make sure that you keep this balance of helping others!  Ask a question, answer a question. Share a post, help out, etc. That’s why the groups work.

  1. Find a free course on an email opt-in list

That’s why I think the blogging world is so popular, and content marketing in general – people are actively searching for answers, and that’s why helpful content is so important to your customers. Give the people what they want!

So, there are 8 tips that I’ve never heard anywhere to help you learn something super quick.

What did you think? Have you tried any tips, or do you have any of your own?


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Never Buy A Course Again: How To Learn Something Super Fast


How to Learn Something Fast - The Success Mountain-min

How To Learn Something Lightening Fast & Never Buy A Course Again! | The Success Mountain | Learn how to learn quickly, research properly and save money by not buying anymore courses! | #learnfast #learnfasttips #productivitytips #savemoneytips #onlinecourses

How To Learn Something Lightening Fast & Never Buy A Course Again! | The Success Mountain | Learn how to learn quickly, research properly and save money by not buying anymore courses! | #learnfast #learnfasttips #productivitytips #savemoneytips #onlinecourses