How to Perfectly Name Your Blog (And Not Regret It!)

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a blog!

One of the first hurdles you’ll run into in this blogging adventure is: How to name your blog?

And how do you choose a name that you won’t regret or have to change in a few months?!

When I first started my blog, I painstakingly anguished over what to name my blog, and how to choose the perfect one. Despite running into taken domain-names and not knowing everything my blog was going to entail, I found the perfect name for my blog. I’m definitely biased, but I think it’s a really good name, and I am proud to send people to my website, knowing my domain name and blog name are perfect for me!

This is how you should feel when you make the final decision in naming your website and choosing a domain name.

In this post, I’ll comprehensively cover how to name a blog, and give you some fantastic tools so that you can feel just as confident that you chose the perfect name!

By the end of this post, you’ll be teeming with blog name ideas, and you’ll have it narrowed down to the perfect name for your blog that you can be proud of!

This post covers:

  • My guidelines on choosing the perfect name for your blog
  • How to use free blog name generators and creative ideas to name your blog
  • My checklist to make sure your blog name is a good fit for you

Then I’ll cover what you should do next on your blogging journey after naming your blog!

Ready to get started?

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How to choose the perfect name for a blog

Hold up! There are a few guidelines for naming your blog that are important.

Before jumping in and using name generators and all the fun creative brainstorming, let’s consider a few things that make a great blog name.
For example, do you even want your domain name to be the same as your blog name?

Keep these guidelines in mind when you’re brainstorming, and you’ll choose the perfect blog name for your site!

In this section:

  • Why you need to give yourself time for the naming process
  • Pros and cons of using your personal name
  • Should you consider SEO when choosing your blogs name?
  • What to consider about your blog niche and audience when choosing a blog name
  • What are your future plans with your blog or business?
  • Grammar, spelling and word combination guidelines


Give yourself time for the naming process

If you choose a name too quickly, you might end up regretting it or be embarrassed to bring it up with anyone. Not to mention that it will be difficult to change your social media accounts and URL. If you don’t take your time with this, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot!

Giving yourself patience while choosing your blogs name will make you feel confident about your choice, that you aren’t choose something silly, or that doesn’t fit your needs as your blog grows.

Or that when your mom accidentally hits a typo in the URL that it doesn’t go to a site about bronies instead of brownies. 😱

On the other hand, you don’t want to get into an analysis paralysis situation, either. Just do your best to ensure that the name you choose feels good to you, and that you can be proud to tell someone your blogs name, but then quickly move on.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in blogging life, it’s that you can’t let yourself get caught up in the weeds! Choose a name with the confidence that you made the best decision with the information you had at the moment, and don’t regret it. Move on, and get to the great parts of your blog – like helping those readers, and writing great content!


Should you use your personal name for your blog?

This depends.

  • Do you plan on creating separate businesses around your name?
  • Are you looking to offer a service or become an influencer?
  • Do you plan on selling your blog at a later date?
  • Or are you planning on creating multiple businesses under the same umbrella one day?
    For example, many people create online websites as their resume using their name.

Also, consider if you have a very generic name such as Nick Smith. It would be difficult for people to find you if someone searched for you. You’re better off choosing a creative blog name that people will remember!


Should you consider SEO when choosing your blogs name?

At the risk of being somewhat generic and less memorable, you could possibly gain more traffic by using a keyword in your niche. You can utilize keywords to make it clear to your possible clickers what your site is about.

Instead of (I made that up) you could name it (also made up lol!) and now they know exactly what they’re getting when they click.

If you know what keywords people are searching for in your niche, get creative by using a name generator below like for ideas (see below for other generators). You’re also making it clear to Google what your website is about!

Now, you don’t have to choose a domain with a keyword, and there’s nothing wrong with having a domain name that doesn’t explain the website.

It’s only helpful for your readers and Google, but it’s not required. Just something to keep in mind!


Does your blog name have to explain your blog topic?

Another tip for choosing the perfect name for a blog is to choose words that make it clear what your blog is about.

In other words, don’t go too narrow or too wide for your niche.

Speaking of telling Google about your site, what is it going to be about? Something like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious may not be explanatory for someone (not to mention way too long lol).
Is it about Mary Poppins?
Is it a tribute website to the movies?
Does it teach us how sugar makes the medicine go down? What is your niche going to be?

Now, you don’t want to go too narrow or too wide for your niche only to find out you need to expand your subject, causing your domain to be obsolete.

If you only want to blog about Mexican food, but then realize that you want to expand to French food, you don’t want to box yourself in with the name.

So naming your blog something wide enough to expand and grow upon, but narrow enough to figure out what it’s about is going to be the best route.

I could be slightly guilty of making this mistake. TheSuccessMountain isn’t very clear on what it’s about, other than people thinking that success is about climbing a mountain.
What is the mountain?
Is it a journey on fitness or something else?
That’s the tricky part of choosing a domain.

I left mine wide enough that if I wanted to expand into personal finance or maybe health topics, I could. All successful journeys are about a mountain. That’s the premise I chose for my domain.

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Who is your audience?

If you know your niche, next up is knowing who you’re talking to.

A guy who is into sports is going to have a totally different language and demeanor than a mom who stays at home.
They will react differently to different words in their niche.

Using a domain called would be way less appealing to a manly sports guy than, say, or something.

How to Perfectly Name Your Blog (And Not Regret It!) - The Success Mountain coffee

Should your blog name be the same as your domain name?

An example of this is something like Spruce used to have different categories all under the same domain name, but now they’ve grown big enough that they branched off to different domains. Now they have names like SprucePets, SpruceCrafts, etc.

From an SEO standpoint, you’ll want to have one domain per business idea. This goes back to you choosing your name for your site. If you use your name, you can link back all of your future business endeavors or blogs back to your name.

Is your blog name going to grow into other businesses or are you staying in just one topic?

Another reason why you want to decide what your end all goal is, is because you have to choose a domain name after this.

Now, naming your blog and choosing a domain name are slightly different. You can have a company called Sprinkles Cupcakes, but if the domain is taken, you’ll have to do instead.

Choosing an umbrella term such as ‘baking instead of ‘cupcakes’ allows your business to grow into other things in the future. If you decide on SprinklesCupcakes.Com, you definitely could still stretch into baking pastries or cakes, but it would be less obvious to your customer.


If you want your domain name to match your business name, you’ll want to verify that the domain isn’t taken before you decide on a blog or business name.

What do you plan on doing with your blog in the future?

When you’re choosing a blog name with the intention of quitting your job to blog full time, grow an audience, sell online courses or digital products, you’re choosing the name of your company. You’re also creating a brand with your blog name. Although your official company name filed with the state may be different, it’s important to realize the name you’re choosing is for a business.

Knowing what you plan on doing with it in the future is important especially if your plan is to sell your blog someday. So, naming your blog as your name and then selling it to someone named Frank won’t be ideal.

Exceptions to this include your personal online diary in which you update your family across the country on family musings. This is now rarely the case, as most people want to start a blog to make money, which means to help people solve a problem to do so.

So have fun, put on your business hat, and start that blog business girl!


Short and catchy names, easy to say or spell – not too long

One of the most important rules is to choose something short and easy for your blog name. You want to make it memorable, too. Our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious example is way too long from an SEO standpoint. It will be truncated (cut off) in Google and other places, and obviously a PITA to spell.

You also don’t want it too difficult to spell. If you have a hard time spelling or consciously remembering to put an i before e, or any other crazy English language rule that often gets confused, you may want to consider changing the word.

Your users will probably misspell it as well, and unless you want to buy two domains to purchase the misspelled word (people do it!) it might be better to catch it in the beginning.


Don’t use numbers or special characters

This one is self-explanatory. It’s going to be harder for your readers to remember to add a character or number, so in the interest of the customer, don’t add these in!

It’s all about user experience. Plus, it seems spammier to have numbers or characters in (think instead of – some people take that as a spam website and we don’t want that!)


Brainstorm blog name ideas and mash with ideas you currently have for naming your blog

Okay, now that you’ve gone over the main guidelines for choosing a blog name, it’s time for the fun part: coming up with blog name ideas!
Write down everything you can think of that sounds fun, exciting, and inspiring to you. If you can’t think of anything, that’s okay, we’ll check out some blog generators in the next section!

For now just come up with a few words that excite you, or start with the idea of the brand or feeling you’re wanting to portray.


Check your competition

Lastly, you can check out your fellow bloggers and see what they’re using.

  • Are they using keywords?
  • Does their domain name relate to something imperative within their branding?
  • Are any of their blog names catchy?
  • Is it taking a stand for something?

Use these ideas to spark your own.

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How to Perfectly Name Your Blog (And Not Regret It!) - The Success Mountain Laptop

How to Name a Blog with Free Blog Name Generators

There are so many great tools online that can help you find great blog name suggestions! There are some catchy blog title generators, but there are also other fun creative writing tools you can use to come up with fresh ideas.

By replacing adverbs, words, language, ends of words, adding letters, etc it can completely change your whole idea.



Find Blog Name Suggestions with Generators


Creative Writing Tools For Coming Up With Blog Title Ideas

Just hop over to Google and search for the various creative writing tools to help you brainstorm:

  • Check out this free Thesaurus online
  • Find alliteration websites
  • Abbreviation websites
  • Use Google Translators to Google things like “Baking” in French, Scottish, etc

Get brainstorming and write it all out!


My Secret Formula for Naming a Blog

Now, here’s a great formula for choosing a name for your blog.

On a piece of paper, or spreadsheet draw two lines vertically to create 3 columns.

In the first column, write different names for your topic and audience.

Describe your audience (adjectives)

Various names of your audience (nouns)


Feelings you want your audience to feel after reading your blog or seeing your brand
Momster Moms Calm/peace also works here too
Calm/Peace Mothers Tribe/Crowd/Family
Millenial Moms/Momma Encouraged


Just in the first couple of glances I can see a few creative names:

  • Millenial Moms
  • Calm Mommas
  • Momster Family

Don’t edit yourself as you do this.

You can draw lines connecting various ideas later.

Use a thesaurus and those generators for this as well!



My free checklist for naming your blog

Now that you have a plentiful list of domain name ideas for your blog, you can go through my checklist, which have the next steps in finalizing your blog name!


✔️ First, you want to use your GoogleFu for other brands with the same name, and trademarks using TESS

To do this, you can simply Google the domain name and see what’s already out there.

You will run into a few brands and companies after Googling, but don’t get discouraged! It’s okay to have the same name as other companies in the world; you just have to see if you can work around it, or skip it and go to the next one. The world is a big place, you’re bound to find duplicates!

The main concern is whether or not it’s trademarked, and whether the domain is taken or if you can work around it with another domain.

Make sure to at least click over and see what the brand is about. You don’t want to accidentally name your blog when there’s something out there that is not what you want your readers to run into, if you know what I mean…

Next, and most importantly, make sure it’s not copy written or trademarked. You can get into serious legal trouble, and you don’t want to sound like a similar business name anyway, right? Pop over to the TESS checker, click search, and type in your name idea.


✔️ Ask friends and family (optional)

Of course this isn’t required, and you may not want the feedback, but it could be a good idea for them to catch language errors, any funny looking domain spellings in plain text, and get their point of view.


✔️ Check for the domain

Before choosing your official blog name, make sure there is a .com website domain available.

Now, .com domain names are slowly being taken over the years, and we might run out at some point, but they also get abandoned probably just as much. This is why .co, .pizza, .app, .online all exist.

However, I don’t recommend doing any of those, except perhaps .co.

Why? Because in the users eyes, it doesn’t seem as legitimate as a .com.

The .com just seems to show customers (who aren’t aware of those other crazy suffixes) that you’re legit. You’re a real company. And that builds trust with them immediately. Remember what I said about spammy numbers and characters? That’s what I think domains with other suffixes are seen as.

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How do you verify that your blog name domain isn’t taken?

For those who aren’t familiar with purchasing a domain name, it’s a fairly simple process, however here are a couple of tips:

  • When looking for domain names, there are multiple companies who sell them. My favorite places to check are GoDaddy, or hosting companies like Bluehost and Siteground, because you get a free domain with the purchase of hosting. If you’re starting a blog, you’ll need hosting!
  • When you’ve chosen your name, the next step will be to purchase your domain. Then, purchase your website hosting. Hosting companies make it easy for you to purchase your domain and hosting all together, so that’s what I recommend doing! This means to find out if your domain is available, click over to the hosting company and search for your domain name there.
  • Go directly to your domain and see if it is being used, or if it’s for sale. If it’s for sale by someone individual, it’s likely to be very expensive. Don’t purchase this domain (unless you really want to) because you can probably find one that is WAY cheaper.
  • People flip domains as a business, so be aware! I recommend going to a hosting company to find available domains. In fact, you’ll get a free domain with the purchase of hosting, like I mentioned earlier. So don’t pay hundreds of dollars or even thousands when you can get it for free since you’ll need hosting anyway!

For more information on how to choose the best domain registrar, check out WPBeginners post.


✔️ Is the name available on social media platforms?

My blogs name was too long to turn into a Twitter URL, so I had to shorten it. Although I was able to do it well (@thesuccessmtn), it could have been more difficult. I do recommend getting your social media handles right after you purchase your domain, or even checking for them before you get your domain.


✔️ Does the domain read okay when it’s in a domain URL format?

Avoid any faux pas by writing your blogs name out in the domain format. There have been some hilarious (albeit embarrassing) mishaps with names by not doing this step!

For example:

  • Who Represents (
  • IT Scrap (
  • American Scrap Metal (

A quick proof can avoid this! Asking others is great for this step, too.


Once you’ve chosen your blog name, what are the next steps?

Hey, you’re one step closer to being an official blogger and website owner!

You’ve learned my top guidelines for choosing the perfect blog name, you’ve checked out all of your ideas through awesome blog name generators, and you’ve narrowed down your list to domains that are available.

What’s next?

To purchase it and start building your blog!

But wait – don’t purchase the domain at the website or generator you saw. The price is going to be higher probably, like I mentioned earlier. Instead, get the domain from the host you plan on using.

When I first started blogging I used Bluehost to buy my domain and hosting, but now I use Siteground. They both have free domain names with purchase of hosting; however it’s the hosting that can get confusing.

I switched to Siteground because I wanted the support of a fantastic support team – and Bluehost failed in this area for me. You can read more about my experience between the two in my blog post,  Why You Should Switch from Bluehost to Siteground here. 

Enter your domain host affiliate link here – with a note on the cost for a domain (like Bluehost has free domains with cheap hosting)

Siteground vs Bluehost Comparison Chart from InlineHostBlogger

Photo source:

So after all of the thorough tips for this step in your blogging journey…the question is:

Was I successful in helping you name your blog?!

I’d love to hear is my guidelines helped you learn how to name your blog, or whether you liked the generators. Let me know!

Feel free to shout out if you need additional help in your blogging journey to name your blog!

Choosing names is fun for me, I love the brainstorming process and I can help, so let me know!


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