Facebook Group Marketing: How to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic with this Strategy [Free Template!]

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Being an online boss lady, where’s the first place I go to when I need help about something business-related?

Is it…Instagram? Nope. Artsy photos of your dog won’t work here.

Is it..Pinterest? Nope, the only time that pretty pictures of kitchens are going to fail me.

Is it…aww hell, you already know it’s Facebook, because it obviously says that in the title!

Facebook has the most amount of people in the world connected to its network. (source)

And what do you think makes it so powerful?

I personally think it’s their ability to have a forum-like way of talking.
In Instagram, you have comments, but it’s not the best way to collaborate and get help from others.
Pinterest is all about finding help that you need for overall projects, but not very useful when the communication is a one-way street.

Facebooks got it in the bag because it’s easy to communicate and talk with others, get replies, feedback, share images, videos, and hilarious memes you don’t want to show your mom. It’s great for business because everyone’s on it.

GaryVee will tell you that!

But this post is about Facebook Groups specifically – and how to use them to market with them effectively.

So we know that we want to utilize Facebook Groups in our social media marketing, right?

But the problem is:
There’s so many Facebook Groups.
There’s so many rules for each group.
Sometimes it’s okay to post your blog or help someone out by referring them to a post.
Sometimes it’s not – and you get kicked out!
Sometimes you have to be careful about what time of day to share your post.
Other times you can’t share at all.

How the heck do you manage all of that?

And instead of going from blog post to blog post scouring the internets to find out what the best strategies are, wasting time, I am going to save you time by giving you a done-for-you Facebook Group Marketing strategy that I use to get more traffic to my blog, along with my free template (in the free resource library located at the bottom of this post) which you will use in the strategy that you can use to create a custom strategy that’s ready to go!

It solves all of those problems listed above.

So let me outline for you my current Facebook Group Marketing Strategy and give you a free template to get started!

First, for this strategy, you’ll need:

  • Facebook groups in your niche (tips below)
  • A giving mindset
  • My custom spreadsheet (at the bottom of this post)
  • This blog post: my strategy & tips for utilizing Facebook

Find Facebook Groups in Your Niche:

This is so silly but when I first started blogging I kept hearing “find where your people hang out!” and I was like “where’s that?!”

And of course, when I would search around for like how to find your audience, it would come up with Facebook.

But when I would search for groups, I wouldn’t really find anything like what I was looking for! (Here’s some tips from Social Media Examiner on how to use Facebook)

So here’s my actual quick tips to find the right groups for your business.

  1. Find the right groups by searching specific keywords in your niche in the Facebook search bar
  2. Go to Pinterest and search Facebook Groups. Pay attention to the post date because a lot of times you’ll find an outdated list of Facebook groups.
  3. Click here to read my list of my favorite Facebook groups for business and entrepreneurs here!
  4. Google it! Often Pinterest can be lacking with updated posts since the post lives on forever, but Google’s smart, and keeps stuff updated.
  5. Pay attention to the “Suggested Groups” on the sides of Facebook, where they will recommend groups. Most of these groups might be for paid course members, and perhaps not alive anymore, but I’ve found a few good groups this way!

Pro Tip: Make sure, before you join the group, that there’s been some activity in the group for the past 30 days. I personally like to have medium traffic groups. I don’t want too many people to where there’s a zillion posts per day, and I don’t want too little activity to where no one’s posted in the last 3 days. I want activity!

A Giving Mindset

One thing I want to mention before I move on to showing you how to use my strategy is that you need to have a generosity mindset for this to work properly.

In other words, make sure you’re actually (gasp) being social on social media!

Always be give more than you get.

I always, always, always go into a group and comment on a few posts before I ask a question. I always make sure I post at least twice on other people’s posts helping them out for every one question I ask. It’s all about community and keeping up collaboration together.

Download My Facebook Tracking Spreadsheet

Sign up in the form below to get access to the free resource library, The Vault, where the spreadsheet is located. You can get access to the password at the bottom of this post.

Then, come back here and finish reading the strategy!

I’ll wait… 😉

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So now that you’ve got my spreadsheet, I’ll give you a quick walk through before I show you how I use it to get more traffic on the blog.

First, if you haven’t already, download the spreadsheet from The Vault here.

So when you first open the spreadsheet, you’ll see a list of rows on the bottom:

  • Log – this is where I track my progress as I go along, because everyone likes to see progress!
  • Promo Days – this is where I keep track of every group I’m in, what promos are allowed and when
  • Mondays-Sundays – These are the days in which I follow my strategy

Write Out All Of Your Facebook Groups

After downloading the spreadsheet, the first thing you’ll want to do is to take an hour or so to write down the promotion days of your Facebook groups, as this is one of the core pieces of this killer strategy.

I find that most promotional days for your Facebook groups will be written in the pinned post at the top, the description, or under announcements. If you don’t see them listed there, you can scroll back through a couple of weeks of posts and look for their promotional posts. Usually they use an image to denote the promotion days.

Once you write down and copy the link from the group over to the spreadsheet, you can organize the days into each day of the week tab at the bottom!

This will be so that you can simply select today’s day and click over to the group. You know what they’re talking about that day and you can get right to it!

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My Strategies to Market on Facebook Effectively

Post in the Promo Days using The Facebook Spreadsheet

Now that you have your Facebook groups all written out in the spreadsheet and categorized by day, you can select today’s day, and go post in the promo thread for that day.

I will check in every few days as often as I can and comment on a few posts, like posts and collaborate as much as I can outside of the promotion days, but the key to my strategy is that we are focusing on the promotion days with a generosity mindset of helping others.

I’ll pop on over and share a link to my opt-ins, blog post or social media profile depending on what the group calls for.

The secret though, is that you want to put an introduction or a snippet to keep things interesting on your blog post comment.

You know the meta description you put in your blog post for Google?
Or your Pinterest description you carefully hand-crafted to entice the reader to click on Pinterest?
Use that! You want to encourage the click.

Most comments don’t include an intro, but I think it really helps.

After I’m done posting and following, and finding other awesome people to follow, I put a check mark next to the group in my spreadsheet, with the date on the top, so I know I completed it. This helps me track my progress.

As time passes by, I can see which ones I don’t do very often, and I can take those out of my strategy. It might be because the group changed their promo thread topic or maybe they have certain requirements to post (such as following threads where you must go follow 800 people – I don’t do those).
If that’s the case, I just delete that group or promo day.

Pay Attention to What Your Audience is Saying

If you are in the right groups, you will be talking and speaking directly to your audience. You should be in mostly Facebook groups in your niche. Within these groups, your target audience is talking about their pain points, struggles, questions and problems that they’re having in your niche.

You’re there to help them!

You’re there to communicate directly with them, often and with a helpful mindset.
Over time, they will get to be familiar with your name, and they will know you, like you, and trust you.

What words are they using?

What questions are they asking?

These will help you write marketing copy, newsletters, blog posts, blog titles, and other social media posts. Those words are how you can speak directly to them, cutting out all of the noise.

Post Often

It’s worth repeating – social media only works because of people. Post a lot, comment, like, share, laugh, cry, celebrate and get angry together with your people. This is how relationships grow and are fostered. This is how collaboration starts and this is how your business will grow, how your traffic will climb, and how your company will become known!

Those questions that you see are being asked, if you can help them – do it! Post your freebie that helps, post your helpful advice, post your blog post!

I would recommend only picking a couple of Facebook groups that you want to engage highly in on a daily basis. That way you aren’t going crazy trying to keep up with ALL the posts – but yet you’re still able to engage in the posts on your other Facebook groups as you’re scrolling by. Facebook is nice that way – sometimes the algorithm is helpful!

Grow your blog or shop with Facebook Groups – My Marketing Strategy Revealed!

So, you grabbed the spreadsheet, filled out your promo days, found Facebook groups in your niche, and you’re going to go in there and post with a generous mindset!

That’s my strategy – and I’m sticking to it!

Get my Facebook Group Marketing Strategy Sheet here!

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It’s giving me more value and bumps in traffic, and I’m able to help and connect with my readers every day, and collaborate with other bloggers to grow my business!

Currently I’m not focusing on my own Facebook page or looking to grow my Facebook group, because that comes with a certain amount of time you need to dedicate to members. Instead, I want to be where the people are (Lil’ Mermaid, yo!) I’m focusing on getting out there where the people are (Facebook Groups!) and that’s what working for me!

Would you do me a favor and share this on social media? It would really help me out! (Maybe on Facebook? lol!) 

Want to save these tips for later? Pin this post to your favorite social media Pinterest board!

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