How to Switch from Convertkit to Flodesk

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I accidentally sent out my welcome sequence for NEW subscribers to my OLD subscribers.


Some of them have been on my list since I started blogging!

That’s why I decided that if you were going to switch from Convertkit to Flodesk, you NEEDED a tutorial – STAT – before you make the same mistake I did, which was so easy to do I didn’t even know I was doing it!

In this post, I’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to transfer your email list from Convertkit to Flodesk.

We’ll go over the different points to consider when transferring your welcome sequences, tags, segments, emails, subscribers and more!


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First, let’s go over the steps you’ll take to switch from your email software to Flodesk.

I have a few important notes at the bottom for troubleshooting, such as why you should or shouldn’t do one step before the other. Important to read these and can help preventing mess ups!

So you’ll want to:

  1. Create your segments first.
  2. Transfer your email subscribers by exporting
  3. Then create your workflows with your email sequences
  4. Then create your opt in forms so any new subs will go to Flodesk
  5. Then wait for subscribers to finish the welcome sequence in Convertkit before manually adding them to Flodesk.


To get started, let’s go over a quick vocabulary lesson:

Forms in Convertkit = Forms in Flodesk
Automations in Convertkit = Workflows in Flodesk
Tags in Convertkit = Segments in Flodesk. Flodesk got rid of tags, because they track them for you already!
Segments in Convertkit = Also segments in Flodesk


STEP ZERO: Create your Flodesk account

First, wondering what this Flodesk business is?

It’s this game-changing email marketing software that is about to shake the email market for bloggers and entrepreneurs with gorgeous, intuitive software.

Check out the review I wrote on Flodesk, and the 10 reasons I switched from Convertkit!

To create your account, simply follow the prompts to enter your email address you’ll be sending from, and adding your logo!

You can even add your brand colors to make it easy to customize your emails later!

Flodesk makes it easy to make beautiful emails on brand.


Already know what it is but need your account?

Click here to go to Flodesk.

Then select Try it Free.


Now enter your email and a password, and select Create my account.


After you sign up, you’ll be prompted to choose links to your social media to place in your emails, set up brand colors, and upload a logo for your customized emails! This page will look slightly different than the photo below.


Sign up for the free 1 month trial for Flodesk

No card required!

Once you’ve signed up and your trial is over, you can lock in your BETA pricing for 50% off for LIFE – only $19/month, with no pricing tiers!

Ending soon!


STEP ONE: Create your segments

Now, Flodesk only has Segments, and doesn’t have ‘tags’.

Your Tags are now considered ‘segments’.

Segments are also ‘segments’.

So, if you have a segment for ‘business subscribers’ and a tag for a product, you can upload those separately into segments.

I recommend creating a “Convertkit Import” segment, and importing all of your subscribers here, just in case you need to know in the future.

Hover over Audience, then select Segments. On the right, select +Add Segment to create a new segment.


STEP TWO: Importing your Convertkit subscribers

Once you’ve created segments in Flodesk, you can transfer your segments and tags over!


How to export your subscribers from Convertkit

In Convertkit, you can simply select the tag, select the box to check all of your subscribers (and the link that pops up saying you can select ALL pages of your subscribers next to the box), and then on the right, drop down the box to ‘export’.

You’ll get an email with the CSV file filled with your subscribers.

I recommend doing this one at a time, to avoid confusion.


How to import your subscribers to Flodesk

Create your segment

Under Audience, select Segments in Flodesk.

Then, create a new segment.

Title it what the segment or tag was called in Convertkit.

Upload your subscribers

Then, under Audience, select Subscribers in Flodesk.

Select “Upload a CSV

Rinse and repeat this until you’ve uploaded all of your tags and segments.

I know this question will arise – so I’ll answer it now.

No, Flodesk does not allow you to have ‘double’ subscribers.
Just like Convertkit, they don’t count your subscriber twice, so you won’t be sending your newsletter to your subscriber twice! They’re only on your list once, even if they signed up for multiple opt-ins.

STEP THREE: Create a workflow with a welcome sequence

So when a new subscriber signs up for your list, you’ll want to send them the freebie, or a set of emails to welcome them to your list.

Start by going to Workflows and clicking +CREATE NEW

Choose from a template, or start from scratch.

You’ll follow the prompts starting with a trigger, such as “when added to X segment”.

Design your email how you’d like, and then add a time delay. I typically wait 1 day between emails, and at the last email I wait 7 days just to check in with them.

Hit PUBLISH on your emails, but only when you’re done, otherwise anyone new who subscribes will get your half-built emails!

Here’s a video showing exactly how to create a workflow in Flodesk:


STEP FOUR: Create a new form and replace your old forms

There are a couple of form types:

  • Ribbon (This is what Convertkit called the “inline” form)
  • Popup
  • A whole page with a shareable URL

Choose one, and customize it how you’d like.

At the end in the EMBED section, you can take the first code snippet of your form and place it into the <head> section of your website.
Then the second code goes wherever you’d like in the blog post!

We will take the time to set up your opt in forms on your site, switching out your previous forms.
Or, if you’re just setting up your email list for the first time, you can place these where you want them!

Once you switch out your forms from Convertkits to Flodesks, there should be no new subscribers into Convertkit starting from the moment you’ve replaced them all.


STEP FIVE: Wait for old subscribers to finish their welcome sequence

Hopefully your Convertkit bill isn’t creeping up!

We’re going to give our new Convertkit subscribers the time to finish their emails. After that we’ll get them transferred over manually!

Note the day that you transferred your old subscribers over to Flodesk.

Any new subscribers after that date will need to be transferred manually.

For example, my welcome sequence is about 10 days. If I transferred my old subscribers on the first, then followed through my steps to step 5, I may have a few new straggling subscribers in Convertkit. So I would wait until about 1/10 to transfer them.

Simply go to Audience—>Subscribers, and select the button to add the subscriber manually. These subscribers won’t have any information about them, like what opt-in they signed up for, but it’s okay because there should be only a few of them since everyone else is transferred already.

If you try to add them to a segment in Flodesk, the workflow will likely be triggered if it’s published, causing them to go through the whole welcome sequence again, and we don’t want that!



Send emails to your list

Alright! You’re at the point where you can create a beautiful email to send to your list!

Here’s a snippet of one of my emails:

Simply go to Emails, and select +CREATE NEW.


Choose a template or start from scratch.



Check out this video on how to create an email template:

On the left, you’ll see a folded paper airplane icon.

Sick of the price hikes and confusing 'tags' 'broadcasts' and 'segments' in Convertkit? Looking for Convertkit alternatives? Check out Flodesk with their free trial in this post... How to Switch to Flodesk from Convertkit - The Success Mountain
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Gmail


This icon allows you to send it to yourself or someone else to see what it looks like.

You may want to make sure the email isn’t being cut off by Google, or being sent to the spam folder.

The heart icon is to favorite your template, so it’s easy to use again!

Make sure to add a footer to the end of your email, as it has the unsubscribe button for your subscribers.

After designing your email, you can choose what segments to send to (or to exclude) and finally, schedule it to send!


Congratulations for making the switch from Convertkit to Flodesk!

It wasn’t too bad, was it?!

It’s time to cancel Convertkit!

Now, before you go ahead and cancel your Convertkit service, I recommend copying your email information like open rate data, saving your CSV spreadsheets of your tags and segments, and don’t forget to save screenshots of the growth of your list.

You may need it one day!

Or you may want to simply look back on it to take a look at the data.

I saved this in a folder called “Convertkit to Flodesk Switchover” in my blog folder.

Sick of the price hikes and confusing 'tags' 'broadcasts' and 'segments' in Convertkit? Looking for Convertkit alternatives? Check out Flodesk with their free trial in this post... How to Switch to Flodesk from Convertkit - The Success Mountain
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Gmail

Once you cancel your Convertkit account, your access to your own information will be revoked, and at some point they will delete it. Better to have that information handy!


Sign up for the free 1 month trial of Flodesk

No card required!

Lock in your BETA pricing for 50% off for LIFE – only $19/month, with no pricing tiers!

Ending soon!

Troubleshooting your transfer from Convertkit


If you aren’t sure what will happen or have a question regarding the system, feel free to reach out to, or even join the Flodesk Insiders Facebook group and pop your question in there!


Additionally, here’s a few troubleshooting tips that might help.


If you put your opt in form up before you create the workflow, and someone signs up for it, they won’t get the email sequence because you haven’t created that segment or workflow yet. To fix this, you can go into their contact or the segment, remove them from the segment, and then re-add them. The trigger in your workflow will be “when someone is added to X segment, send them this email”, so it will trigger your emails!


If you swap out your opt in forms in order for your new subs in Convertkit to finish their welcome sequence, you’ll need your welcome sequences created, and your segments to be created. Then you’ll have a problem with transferring your old subscribers to Flodesk because the workflow will be triggered to your OLD subscribers. So you’ll want to start by transferring your subscribers first.


If you transfer your subs first (recommended)…you’ll be still getting new subscribers to the old ESP, but just have to transfer the subs that signed up on the day that you created them, to today.


If you create your workflows first…you’ll need to have your subs transferred first, so that they don’t get triggered in the workflow and get the welcome sequence all over again.


If you create your opt in forms first…you’ll need to have your workflows created so that any new subscribers will get their welcome sequence.


If you transfer your subs last…you’ll have to be careful that your workflows are published so that they don’t get the welcome sequence.


There you have it, the 5 easy steps to transferring your email list from Convertkit to Flodesk!

I hope this tutorial helped you, and answered all the questions you might run into when switching email marketing software.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to sign up to my email list to backwards engineer my welcome sequence! 😉

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