How to Use the Compound Effect with Apps to Improve Your Life

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How often do you get overwhelmed with the day to day tasks of managing laundry, dishes, eating, and oh yeah – your business?

The truth is:

Everyone else gets overwhelmed too – you’re not alone.

It’s all in how you manage it.

Today, we’ll chat about how you can use the compound effect along with some awesome phone apps to make your life evolve into one that is more manageable, and overall – less stressful.

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What is the compound effect?

The compound effect is a simple idea created by Darren Hardy involving doing something repetitively to compound the results of that action.

He wrote a book called The Compound Effect which talks about how you can multiply your habits just by doing tiny actions every single day. It’s like compound interest at the bank, but for your life!

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An example of the compound effect:

They say that what you do every day is what you do for the rest of your life.

What they mean by that is if you are getting fast food for lunch, it’s likely that you’ve done it before, and you’ll do it again – leading to a weight problem. It’s also likely that you’re going for fast food more frequently than you realize.

It’s not just that it becomes a habit, but that those results compound into positive or negative consequences as a result.

Another example of the compound effect is to go look at your bank account.

Are you happy when you see that number?

Or are you disappointed and have that instant gut feeling of stress?

Either way, these are the results of the compound effect over time which has given you the result you have now.

Take the new knowledge that you just learned about the compound effect and use it wisely for your own good! I’ll show you how, and I’ll give you some ideas for phone apps that you can download to help you use the compound effect to its full potential!

How to use the compound effect to improve your life

Instead of picking up a donut or a bagel, choose to eat some oatmeal or something with complex carbs or protein instead (sesame seed avocado bacon sammy, anyone?)

Healthy, and yummy – that’s the key!

Random fact:
Did you know that a bagel is the equivalent of 8 pieces of bread in one?! Eek!

Overall you just want whatever it is that you’re trying to improve to work for you, personally.

Over time, this compound effect will show, and you will either see good or bad results. Sometimes, the results take decades to show (such as heart disease) while others are apparent right away (30 days of eating cupcakes).


Why will phone apps help with the compound effect?

We can use technology to increase the success we have in our lives and to achieve goals. One such app that I use is called Loop Habit Tracker. In the app, you can see the results of your compound effect taking place.

Loop Habit Tracker Screenshot From attunepress | How to use apps and the compound effect to improve your life

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How do the compound effect and the apps help together?

Apps help you visualize your progress, and helps you keep your goal.

In fact, you could use apps such as these in two ways:


1 | You could use the apps to see if your progress is going well

View the chart to see how many days or weeks you’ve had. The goal is to keep it up each day, however, if you don’t do it every day, it doesn’t matter – that’s because the whole point is continual action. If you take continual action for multiple days, it compounds the results.

It’s not about punishing yourself for falling off the bandwagon – it’s about progress.

Or, as they say, it’s about progress, not perfection.


2 | You could use the apps to see your “anti-progress” (I just made that up)

If you had a section called “donuts” going to our earlier example, you can see how often you actually eat donuts. If you use a budgeting software, you can easily view how often you’ve gone to Wendy’s. What you will need to dedicate to is pulling out your phone and put a checkmark under your donuts habit so that you can see how many you’re actually eating. This can apply to eating out or any other bad habit you want to break.

In The Compound Effect book by Darren Hardy, he made himself pull out his notebook and write down every transaction and penny that he spent, no matter how small.
After some time, he would dread pulling out the notebook to pay for a $1 candy bar because it meant more work for him, so eventually he slowed his spending because he was able to realize the effect and frequency of his purchases.

Small steps and small pebbles make for lofty mountains crossed!

Apps that will help you keep habits and use the compound effect

 Loop Habit Tracker App | How to use the compound effect + apps to improve your life | The Success Mountain

Loop Habit Tracker

This is the app that I personally use. It’s great because you can customize the colors, and see your best streaks, history, and a nice percentage overview of your habits. It reminds me every day at whatever time I set to ask me if I have done something. I have a widget on my phones home screen that lets me tap it when I’ve taken my medication, or when I work out.


Habits app | How to use the compound effect + apps to improve your life | The Success Mountain


This app allows you to work offline, set reminders, and make lists of habits that you want to keep up on. Showing you statistics and data, this is more for the data-oriented mind, but also allows you to view your progress as a whole on a chart-level.


Habit Tracker/Habit Bull | How to use the compound effect + apps to improve your life | The Success Mountain

Habit Tracker/Habit Bull

An Editors Choice app on the Google Playstore, this app has been very successful for many users. They use a link or chain system to motivate you to keep the chain connected. Don’t break the chain for the number of days you’ve remembered to do something. It also offers reminders for you to complete the habit. The app also has motivational images and quotes to keep things exciting. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to customize your habits to repeat and have a way to remind you of things that aren’t necessarily needing to be done on a daily basis.

Fabulous Habit App | How to use the compound effect + apps to improve your life | The Success Mountain

Fabulous: Habit Tracker

This app was created at Duke University’s Behavioral Economics Lab. They say they have found the science behind motivation to keep you on track with your goals. As you go through each of your habits, and each day, Fabulous will give you reminders, tidbits, and tiny actions that will help you improve and motivate yourself to achieve goals. It also helps that it’s pretty!


 Can The Compound Effect Really Work for Me?

Let’s face it:

When a part of your life isn’t going the “right” way, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and to want to give up on everything. Screw the dishes, they will get done when they get done cuz I am NOT doing them today.

Instead, lets make it easier to manage – and dare I say “fun” by letting technology work for us instead of against us (heh, suckers)! Anyone can do this! Anyone can use the compound effect to gain compound “interest” or, in other words, compound actions to get positive results in their life.

We CAN overcome and accomplish all the things that we need to, simply by being more aware, and managing our life using technology. Until the robots get us all – then we’re screwed!


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