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Welcome to the official The Success Mountain (TSM) blog! This is an idea that has been rolling around in my head for the past year. I’m so excited to finally be doing this!

The Success Mountain started out with the idea that success has three main principles that make up the formula for success. After all, that’s all that success is – just a formula! I came up with the name for TSM because, as we all know, climbing the mountain is all about the journey, not the destination (blah blah blah, we all know that) and it’s very true. It also involves learning about the three principles that make up the mountain shape: a triangle. Three principles which sum up the keys to success for TSM.

These three principles of The Success Mountain (knowledge, mindset, and action), help you to climb that mountain and defeat all of the obstacles along the way.  Whether your mountain of success involves health, money, happiness, mindset – these are all covered within the three principles. To read more on this, click “Start Here” at the top of the page.

If you have the knowledge, and you have the right healthy mindset, and you are taking action (inspired action, too) then you are almost always going to win the game of success.

What will stop you the most? YOUR MINDSET! You MUST master your mindset in order to be successful. Knowing what to focus on in your career as a freelancer, what not to focus on, how to be a leader, how to know the difference between a manager and a leader, how to overcome objections, how to make sales, how to be resourceful, overcoming negative thoughts and negative ways of thinking- all of these things are really just your mindset, or your “living philosophy” as W. Clement Stone says.

We will be talking about all of these things, and more as we evolve and progress!

I’m so excited for you to join me on this journey, and I am dying to hear what you are struggling with so that we can tackle that issue and get you climbing even faster up towards the top! It’s almost guaranteed that if you are struggling with it, someone else is too. So why not take advantage and share what knowledge you have so that others can learn from it? That’s one of the goals I wish to accomplish with TSM.

I had a specific idea in mind when it comes to design, but of course, it has changed about 5 different times. I’m sure it will also still continue to evolve as things move forward, but I do have a specific feel and voice that I want for this blog! I hope you enjoy reading and learning things from the site!

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