5 Things You MUST Do Before (And After) Quitting Your Job To Be An Entrepreneur

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It seems that everyone at some point in their life thinks about quitting the 9-5 lifestyle. It sounds great – trekking out into the forest of opportunity!
Today, there’s a sunshiney idea about quitting your job to be an entrepreneur.
It’s that you’ll be lounging in bed watching reruns of Friends or Game of Thrones while you work (umm…sometimes, yes)!
While that is half true, don’t kid yourself into thinking that it’s any easier than a normal job.
And for some new entrepreneurs, this life is a struggle that never stops!
Not preparing for it can turn your business into smoldering shambles before it takes off.
So, it’s good to be as prepared as possible before you quit, so you aren’t scrambling to find the information you need after you’ve quit your job!
These are the five tips that I would recommend to you if you are thinking about quitting your job.
These tips even work if you have already done so!
When you’re quitting your job, you need to…
1. Build Systems
2. Choose Your Big Three
3. Get An Accountability Partner
4. Change Your Mindset
5. Increase Your Goal Time

1 | Build your systems

If you don’t have a process written down for anything, you can’t scale your business. The first and most important thing to do is to get your processes sorted out and written down as quickly as you can after quitting your job. You need to do this as soon as you can, because it will set the foundation for success in your business moving forward.
Because you don’t have to remember what comes next. This will save you a ton of mental energy! Your checklist is already made, you just have to follow it!
It also helps when you get ready to scale your business. Since most of your systems will be in place already, the stress level on you will be lower. The training manuals for your first employee are complete, and there is no question on how to do something – they can look it up!
Start writing down each thing you do. If it’s a repeatable task, use a software like Process Street.
If it’s a particular one-time project or task, use Trello or Asana.
BONUS TIP: Make sure these are being updated at least on a quarterly basis. Create a task called something like “Update Processes” and schedule it in. Once it’s scheduled, you can forget about remembering to do it! These documents should be live documents that are being changed often. In the beginning, these will be changing very frequently.


2 | Focus on the 3 most important tasks to do each day

Determine what the three most important tasks that you need to do to move your business forward. Figure out what it is every day, and do it FIRST. If this sounds like Brian Tracy’s “Eat that frog,” you’re right! You’ve heard so much about that book because the method works!
It’s so easy to get sidetracked, you want to focus on the most important task.
This could be finding new leads for sales or writing a blog (after all, a blog without content is just a website).
Ask yourself, “What would make the biggest difference in my business if I did it today?”

3 | Get an accountability partner

If you’re planning on working for yourself and you will be working alone, you probably want to make sure you have enough willpower to be self-sufficient in doing tasks for your business.
However, it’s still good to have an accountability partner, to ensure that you’re working as effectively as possible.
When you’re working from home, you don’t have a boss to help push you to do anything. It’s super easy to tell yourself to take half the day off and binge watch The Profit on a Tuesday afternoon.
Don’t do it!
Everyone has the same amount of time in the day, whether you’re Bill Gates or working at a fast food restaurant – so remember that next time you are tempted to take a nap on your oh-so-comfy-at-3:30-in-the-afternoon couch.
Make sure you have someone who supports you that will check in with you every few days to make sure you’re getting the bigger tasks done.

4 | Turn your mindset from employee to boss

Now it’s time to play with the big dogs. Now that you’re working from home, it’s time to change your mindset from the “I’ll do what my boss tells me” mindset towards the “How can I get this done right and properly with the least amount of time possible”.
You’re the boss now – it’s time to think like one. Even if you’re the only one working for yourself, you’re still your own boss.
You didn’t quit to just sit around for the rest of your life, right? Get going!
While you’re at it, go read this article from Entrepreneur – I seriously can’t say it any better than this article: 
One handy trick I have is to separate my “boss” mindset from “myself”.
I joke with my friends and family all the time that my boss is mean! My boss is strict and always pushes me to do the work that I’m fighting to do at times. She knows what’s good for me – so I listen to her!

5 | Expect it to take longer than you think

While you’re learning everything about your new position and trying to juggle multiple entrepreneur hats, make sure to schedule yourself more time than necessary.
There’s always time to define and tighten your timeframes for each project once you’ve gotten into a routine.
It always takes longer than you expect. Or, if you’re like me and you’re a little over-ambitious sometimes, you will schedule somewhat unrealistic time goals.
Learn from my mistakes, give yourself enough time! It also helps so that you don’t feel like you’re failing if you don’t meet your goals (because you won’t meet all of your timeframe goals 100%).
Write your estimated time for each task. After that, write down how long it took. Then, try and get it to be faster each time.
If you’ve written your processes down, it should be easy for you to cut the time down for each task, because you’re not wandering around figuring out what the next step is.

BONUS: Get a routine established ASAP!

I had to add in one more, it was something I couldn’t keep out of this article!
It’s highly important that you get into a routine. It gets your mind into gear because your mind learns to expect when it should be working and approximately how long.
It’s the same reason why your body knows when it’s lunchtime or when to get sleepy. Establish your routine and try to keep to it at least for most days that you work.
You’ll get into the zone faster, and get more work done as a result.
Here is a great article from Success Magazine on the top routines of 10 successful entrepreneurs! Find a routine that works for you, and stick to it! Your work, and your mind will thank you for it.
So, whether you’re thinking about quitting or have already quit – I highly recommend these tips, and also it would be good to research posts similar to this one so that you can be as prepared as you can before venturing out on your own. If you already are working for yourself, you can still implement these ideas to help refine and improve your productivity!
Have you quit your job recently? How has it been working out for you? What do you wish you knew before you quit? Chime in by posting a comment below!
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5 Things you MUST Do Before (And After) Quitting Your Job to be an Entrepreneur | The Success Mountain