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Building Your Blog or Website

Start your website with as low as $3.95/month!

Siteground Web Hosting

Get great website domains and hosting

I recommend Siteground to everyone who is just starting out with a new website. They make it so easy to get a new site up and running! They even helped me transfer from another hosting company, which is free with the GrowBig and GoGeek plans. Read the story here!

Their support is always amazing, they have an extremely fast chat support, and they even go above and beyond when it’s out of their scope of work!

Elegant Themes – Divi Theme

A Drag & Drop WordPress theme

Do you like this site design? Thanks I built it myself! Really though, it was so fun designing and choosing how I wanted to design my site, and so easy to tweak.

  • No coding!
  • You can add unique effects like hovering or overlays
  • Start from scratch o choose from 800+ premade designs!


Create an incredible branding experience for your customers with Creative Market!

  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • Web Themes
  • Fonts
  • 6 freebies every week!

Powered by Creative Market

Restored 316

The Divi theme is great, but if you’re not into it, check out Restored 316’s beautiful WordPress themes using the Genesis framework!


Create your own online courses for your site!


  • Design your courses to match your brand
  • Host and sell your courses on your own website
  • Drag and drop curriculum
  • Rich multimedia content such as quizzes, typeforms, videos, discussions, and more

Starting Your Email List


The #1 email provider for your email list

I can’t recommend Flodesk enough. It’s taking the internet entrepreneur world by storm!

Flodesk is a groundbreaking new email marketing software for bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to send beautiful emails to their audience. You don’t need any fancy tech skills or knowledge to implement their intuitive and gorgeous software!

Read my in-depth review on Flodesk here!

Business Apps to Help You Grow

Process Street

Solidify your business processes with checklists

One of my absolute FAVORITE tools, and free up to 5 checklists!
Process Street is used to keep your workflow organized, automate tasks, track your progress, and never guess what you should be doing in a task!

This is a MUST HAVE tool that I use to run my business, I love it so much!

    Tailwind for Pinterest

    Automate your Pinterest traffic!

    If you don’t want to be pinning 5x per day, automate it! If you know me, you know I love to automate everything I can – and this is a must have tool for my blog!

    Courses & Ebooks I Swear By

    Pinteresting Strategies ebook

    The famous book by Carly from Mommy on Purpose

    The Pinterest Launch Plan ebook

    Jennifer Maker grew her blog from x to x with Pinterest, and replicated her results with an anonymous experiment!

    • Jennifer found a strategy that worked very well for her blog
    • How Jennifer created an anonymous experiment to replicate these results, proving it could be done for others, too
    • Jennifer wrote this book to share it with others – and I’ve literally taken my Pinterest followers from 0 to 1400+ in a few short months with her plan (and Carly’s book above!)

    The Selling Family Courses

    Want to sell on Amazon FBA?
    Check out Jessica Larrew’s courses!

    My very first online business was selling on Amazon. It took me from working a side hustle to quitting my 9-5!
    Amazon’s a very lucrative business and you can get started easily with a few hours at your local stores!

    People and Influencers I Follow

    Business Resources

    Ash Ambirge//The Middle Finger Project

    One of the only newsletters that I open on a continual basis, Ash gives it to you real, and with a total no-BS attitude!

    Amy Landino//AmyTV

    An influencer on Youtube, Amy helps you build your Youtube channel for your business, and helps you improve yourself along the way with her awesome style and witty comments.

    Katharyne Shelton//BlueSkySuite

    Katharyne focuses on selling on Amazon and runs several successful Facebook groups about Createspace, building a brand, and using your creativity to create your own products!

    Productivity Resources

    The Trello Blog

    Yes, the software! Their blog is actually super insightful and I’m always learning new tips from them! Plus their cool graphics make it fun!