How To Get The True Sales Per Month in Amazon’s Book Category

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If you sell on Amazon, please raise your hand if you’ve ever noticed that JungleScout’s sales estimator doesn’t show the correct sales per month velocity in Amazon’s book category. *raises hand*

It’s frustrating when you are searching for book niches for CreateSpace or using Retail Arbitrage or thrifting to find books to sell on Amazon, only to find that JungleScout doesn’t seem to have the right numbers in the sales per month column.

When you need to find the sales per month of either a Kindle or CreateSpace book on Amazon using JungleScout, you’re hit with the realization that the sales velocity estimations are wrong, killing any competitor or sourcing research you were trying to do for your print on demand or Kindle books!

It’s daunting enough to look at an amazing CreateSpace authors books hoping that one day your book can be selling just as well – never mind trying to find out what the accurate sales numbers are in your research.

Back in my retail arbitrage days I wasted too many books and too much time trying to get them to sell. I’d find a book to flip and send it in, only for it to sit there for a long time, accruing long-term storage fees in Amazon’s storage. Sigh, books are slow, but lucrative, am I right?!

This calculator totally solves the problem for me if you pair it with calculating the number of sellers on the listing. Knowing that if you’re using Amazon FBA to buy and flip books – the typical rank range for selling books on Amazon can range very differently to other categories. It’s surprising to know that buying a book at one million or two million rank is different with this calculator. It’s refreshing to be able to use this calculator rather than simply guessing.

Good news:

I’ve finally found the tool that shows accurate numbers!

And, you don’t have to pay for it!

With the right tool at your disposal, you can now accurately determine how well that book is selling — all without paying a dime!

When using this calculator, I recommend keeping an eye on how many you want to sell.
I’ve noticed that the rank of 40,000 results in an average of 5 books sold per day.

This is also excellent for finding niches to sell in CreateSpace!

So what is the secret tool I use to find the sales per month of books on Amazon?

Head on over to this site, where Dave Chesson of Kindepreneur will show you how to use his Kindle Best Seller Calculator.

When you’re done you’ll know exactly how many times per month your favorite CreateSpace authors sell that book and you can find what books are selling well, to create your own!

Head on over to Dave ‘s calculator here, and scroll down to the little tablet.
Type in the sales rank, being careful to choose the upper category and not the sub-category of the item.

For example:

Say I found a copy of Stephen Hawkings The Universe in a Nutshell (I actually have this one, yay)!

I want to sell it because – I only understand about 3/4 of it – right?!
I’ll scroll down to the product details and find the category rank.
Make sure to choose the main rank and not the sub-category rank as shown here:

Screenshot of Amazon's Book Category and Sub Category Ranks - The Success Mountain-min

Now you’ll head back to Dave’s calculator on Kindlepreneur, and type in 16342 in the books tab:

How To Get The Sales Per Month in Amazons Book Category - The Success Mountain

How To Get The Sales Per Month in Amazons Book Category - The Success Mountain

We can see that this book is selling 11 books per day – pretty good!

So, in a nutshell -ahem, pun intended- this is the secret tool that I use to calculate the right sales per month of books in Amazons books category. Thank you to Dave Chesson for creating this calculator!

Was this helpful to you?
Do you have any questions?

Feel free to post a comment, I’d love to hear from you! Best of luck and happy bookselling!

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How To Get The True Sales Per Month in Amazon's Book Category - The Success Mountain

How To Get The True Sales Per Month in Amazon’s Book Category | The Success Mountain | Amazon's Createspace Self-Publishing Platform Allows you to Self Publish, but you want to check out the competition. You need to know how much your competitors books are selling! #selfpublishing #createspace #sellbooks #createspacebooks