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Welcome to the Journey

The Success Mountain is about combining the three elements of success to propel ourselves faster up to the top of the mountain.

It’s about the journey to success
and how you define that success.

Hi There!

Welcome to The Success Mountain.

I’m Tiffany, a twenty-something entrepreneur focusing on E-commerce! I’ve worked with Shark Tank brands and built products from scratch for the Amazon marketplace. I’m just like you – working my way up the mountain of success! You’re welcome to read my full story here.

Ever since I was little, I have read entrepreneur books and personal development books about successful people.

This includes authors such as Jack Canfield and Malcolm Gladwell.

These authors always fascinated me!

When I was little, I even had a book called How to Be a Teenage Millionaire!

I wish I still had my tattered copy on my bookshelf.

The authors always seemed to have mastered everything in life

career, money, happiness…

I often wondered – what steps did they take to get there? At some point, I started noticing a repetitive theme and pattern in their words. Some strategies were worded differently, but the premise was about the same.

This started my journey of wanting to collect those hidden gems within the stories, tidbits, and personal experiences. I noticed that these hidden gems could be translated into a formula!

One day, it all just clicked…


W. Clement Stone is the author of The Success System That Never Fails  (first written in 1962).

While reading this book, I noticed that he had his own formula for success, and this is where everything clicked for me. Stone calls these principles his “treasure map to success” and they are broken down as follows:


  1. Inspiration to action at will…


  2. Know-how to acquire wealth and success…


  3. Knowledge of how to build a successful and profitable business…


  4. And something more…a living philosophy

For me, these principles can be summed up in three distinct points.


First, you must have the right mindset or “living philosophy” which will guide you through the tough roadblocks and challenges that will be in your way with whatever project you’re pursuing.

Without the right mindset and passion, it will be a struggle to continue on if you don’t know the “why” behind your actions. This means caring for your body, and your mind, too! Performing at your optimum physical and mental performance will drastically increase your chances of success.


Second, you must have the knowledge to succeed in the objective you are attempting. At The Success Mountain, we are focused on succeeding in e-commerce! Without knowledge of what you’re doing online or how to do it, you will be at a loss as to where to go next, and your project is sure to fail.


Third, you must take ACTION! Simply preparing to be prepared will not get you to where you want to go. You must always be seeking the next step in your endeavors. Most people fail to succeed because they fail to take action – or fail to continue taking action.

Forge your own path…

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