6 Student Loan Blogs You Need To Be Reading

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After years of heavy student loan debt weighing on your shoulders, you nervously hover over the “submit” button for your very last student loan payment that you’ll make in your entire life.

Taking a deep (and maybe a little shaky) breath, you excitedly click the button and wait.

Your payment has been submitted successfully.

It’s done!

You’re finally free of the ol’ ball and chain:


But first, to get to that point, you read lots of student loan blogs, which inspired you to continue taking action during that tough time, right?

You found a blog post that listed 6 coveted student loan debt blogs posted in 2018, and you were inspired enough to take action and start paying even the tiniest amounts onto your loans, right?!

This is your moment, right here! Get inspired, and read the student loan blogs I follow that inspire me, and propel me forward when I need a push!

Back to that moment where you’re paying off your last owed student loan debt payment: you’re finally free of the ol’ ball and chain! Now you can finally move on with your life and do what you want with your money – although you’ll probably buy yourself a nice treat, most of the time you’ll be putting it towards other investments, I hope!

This is how I imagine my last student loan payment to go. How about you? Do you ever think about how you will feel when you finally make that last payment?

I try to imagine this often to keep my motivation excited, and to strive towards the goal. Hopefully it will be sooner than later!

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, how about also getting and staying motivated to strive for one of your biggest goals? Keeping the excitement alive will keep you “gazelle focused” as Dave Ramsey says.

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What I do to keep this motivation is to read inspiring stories and blogs about others who pay off student loans.

And because we have such a large amount of loans because of my husband and I’s flight school, I reach only for the blogs with the highest amount of loans paid off!

Click through a few of these blogs below to see if you can find one that inspires you.
If you really enjoy it, save it!
Print it out, stick it on the wall in your office, or save it in a binder, or on an inspiring Pinterest board.

Keep it available so that you can go read it when you’re needing encouragement!

Here are my favorite student loan blogs that help me stay focused:

My Favorite Student Loan Blogs

1 | Student Loan Hero started by Andy Josuweit

I’ve read this blog for a few years now, and it never fails to inspire or motivate me in some way. He even has some cool tools to use that helps you determine what strategy for payoff to use, and you can learn a lot about refinancing from this blog. Make sure to check out the calculators available!

2 | Millennial Boss by J.

She has a great article  with a different twist on how she paid off her debt. In fact, this is exactly the strategy that I planned on using to pay off debt – which is why I decided to start a blog and have my other side business as well.

Worth the read! Also, I feel like I could be besties with her! You can read more articles about how she’s travel hacked her life and even had a Game of Thrones wedding (Can you say red wedding? That is so cool)!


3 | Millennial Money Man by Bobby Hoyt

Bobby has a great twist to his blog with the adaptation of not simply “paying” off your loans (psh, because that’s boring!) and instead focuses on DESTROYING your loans.
Just that in itself spices your payments right up! He has a great list of articles, income reports, ideas, and some great free courses.


4 | Six Figures Under by Stephanie

This one caught my eye from the name immediately. Unfortunately, it seems that student loans are getting closer to the six figure mark – perhaps it’s the result of many years of loans coming to their repayment terms. Either way, Stephanie gives inspiring stories about how others have paid off large amounts of student loans. Definitely a good one!


5 | The Student Loan Sherpa by Michael Lux

With raving reviews from it’s readers, The Student Loan Sherpa blog has created a community around helping others. Michael, an attorney, has been able to help others live with and conquer their student loans. Michael writes about the governmental pieces that make up the student loan sector in America, and also reviews on refinancing as well as the mental health side of student loans.


6 | Student Loan Planner by Travis

Writing about the various careers that have the highest amounts of student loans (chiropractors, doctors, lawyers and veterinarians) is a terrific way to bring to attention that there are many people in those careers that are affected by high student loans.  Focusing directly on those who are over six figures, Travis helps his readers strategize the best repayment plan or forgiveness plan that’s right for their situation.

Keep your motivation up – it IS possible to pay off a shit-ton of debt before you die of old age.

You DON’T have to pay your student loans for 30+ years before you get out of debt.

You CAN make money online to pay these off, even if it’s just a side hustle to your full-time job.

Get educated on the different ways to pay off your loans, refinancing your student loans, methods of payment, and the top companies that can help you do it. Use Dave Ramsey’s Gazelle Focus to KEEP GOING!

Stay informed on what’s going on with the student loan industry, and find a community who can support you and stay INSPIRED to pay off your loans.

You can make it happen!

Onto you now:

What are your favorite inspiring blogs that keep you motivated and inspired to pay off your loans and debt? What are your favorite stories? How are you doing with paying off your debt? What are you struggling with?

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