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This post is a review on the Stupid Simple SEO course. If you’re considering enrolling in the course, read this first!

Imagine a time where your blog is getting loads of traffic to your blog each day.

Like, thousands, and not only from Pinterest or a trickle from Facebook.

Like, huge traffic that’s continuously growing, while your email list and social shares are equally thriving.

Excitement fills your day as you know exactly what blog posts you can write to get traffic from the strategies you learned in the new Stupid Simple SEO course.

Simultaneously you’re feeling inspired and, even proud of your writing…

You’re actually doing this blogging thing right!


Now, imagine a time where you log into Pinterest, but can’t.

You do a quick search and you can’t find your account anywhere.

Your blogging friends can’t access your profile either.

In your inbox you see an email with the dreaded words ‘suspended’.

You start panicking.

Your entire traffic strategy relies solely on Pinterest.

What do you do now?

While the first situation is a dream come true, the second is a nightmare – one that happened to me.


So my question to you is:
What kind of blogger do you want to be?

The blogger who depends on social media for traffic at the risk of losing it at any moment?
Or the blogger who created different traffic avenues ahead of time for when (not if) that happens?

Because TBH, it’s great that you’ve built your traffic on a social platform, but do you want to rely solely on that platform for your business?

The reality is that if you don’t diversify your traffic, you’ll end up stuck on the social media train, continuing the cycle of writing, publishing, writing publishing, pinning, pinning PINNING until you burn out.


The secret to traffic is to tackle one or both ways to get it:

  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

It becomes increasingly difficult to keep growing if you don’t round out your strategy with the second piece of the traffic puzzle.

Search Engine Optimization.

You see – if you haven’t focused on SEO yet for your blog or online business – you’re missing out.


If you want to get massive gains on your traffic, you’ve got to start diversifying!

Social is great….until it’s not.

It’s time to dive into SEO, right?!

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What is SEO?

SEO is a short term for Search Engine Optimization.
Simply put, it’s where you organize your blog and content to help raise your website in the Google search results.

When you Google anything, that first search result gets most of the clicks.

Clicks result in:

SEO helps you gain traffic, email subscribers, more viewers, more income

This is what we’re aiming for.

This is why you should care about using SEO on your website!

How do you get started?

Read this review of the Stupid Simple SEO course to see if it’s a good fit for your SEO journey!

Not sure if you’re ready yet? Take a free 5 day SEO Bootcamp to see if you’re ready to dive in!


What is the Stupid Simple SEO Course?

It’s my favorite course for bloggers and online business owners who are focused on sending huge traffic to their website.

It’s been taken by over 1100+ bloggers, including big names like:

  • Jeff and Ben from Breaking the One Percent and DollarSprout
  • Michelle from Making Sense of Cents
  • Carly from Mommy on Purpose
  • Kelan and Brittany from The Savvy Couple
  • Suzi from Start a Mom Blog

That means – HUGE recommendations! These bloggers know what they’re talking about, so if they’re recommending it and seeing results – you know it’s good.

"If you feel chained to Pintered and want to gain traffic elsewhere, Google SEO is where you want to be, and this course will get you there." - Carly Campbell from Mommy on Purpose


Who created the Stupid Simple SEO Course?

Mike Pearson created the SSSEO course.

Mike Pearson is an employed guy from New York who decided to dabble in the online business space just for fun around 7 years ago.

He’s had many niche sites, which has led him to become a fast growing online course creator in the blogging space.

He leveraged SEO and grew his website from $0 to over $200,000 by getting organic, targeted Google traffic, and only 6% was from social!

The best part is, the Stupid Simple SEO course has everything Mike has learned over the years, including how to master keyword research, on-page SEO, and link building to grow traffic.

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Who is Stupid Simple SEO for?

Bloggers, online business owners, and anyone who is focused on growing traffic to their website.

It starts from the very beginning of SEO for beginners, but is perfect for those who already have their website up.

Basically, this course is for you if…

  • You’ve got over 50% of your traffic coming from Pinterest
  • You’re a “Pinterest blogger”
  • You know nothing about SEO, but you want to know – this course is for YOU.
  • Your website is up but you’re a 100% beginner with SEO

With the Stupid Simple SEO framework, you can get the traffic results without the confusion of SEO and its moving parts, with support and templates to teach you step-by-step actions to grow your website traffic FAST.

Take a look at the reviews from other bloggers who have taken the course below.


What kind of results will I get from the course?

I’m just now diving into the biggest part of the course, so it’s too soon for me to show my results, however take a look at these fantastic results:


Bloggers in the Stupid Simple SEO Facebook group are getting results of even 60% traffic increases or MORE in their organic traffic. 60%!! That’s huge!

Not only results from higher rankings in Google, but getting backlinks from big website names in the industry like Forbes, and growing your domain authority up quickly:


An overview of the Stupid Simple SEO Course

A Peek inside the Course

So what all does it cover?

The course is made up of videos, along with spreadsheets and templates to use as you go along.

First of all, I want to point out that the course hasn’t been over-hyped. Like, at all. It’s packed full of videos and step-by-step instructions on how to do everything in SEO.

Check out this 13 second video scrolling through of the courses contents:

Wow – it’s so much content just looking at it, but it’s worth every penny.

NOTE: The course does recommend spending $7 for a 7 day AHREF’s trial, which is the keyword software that Mike recommends.

You sign up for the trial, do your research in the course within 7 days and then cancel your software subscription.

This is the most inexpensive price for the highest value of keyword tool that you’ll be able to find.

Even Ubersuggest can’t compare!


What You Will Learn in the Course? 

This all-video, over-the-shoulder course covers 55+ lessons with 11+ hours of video on the following topics and includes a private Facebook group:

  • How to set up your blog for SEO success
  • Why user intent & blog relevance is so important
  • How to do proper keyword research
  • How to create and optimize content that ranks
  • How to do SEO for affiliate marketing
  • Link building 101
  • How to do guest posting for backlinks
  • How to do a “blogger roundup” to get links
  • How to do blogger outreach
  • How to use Help A Reporter Out to get links

You’ll finally:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of SEO
  • Increase your Google rankings
  • Increase your organic/Google traffic
  • Increase your affiliate sales
  • Know how to target the right keyword
  • Know how to write content that ranks
  • Know how to increase your domain authority with backlinks


Course Structure

There’s about 13 hours of video, and many hours of your work will involve doing the nitty-gritty keyword research module.

Mike tells us that this is the most valuable part of the course, and I agree.

I’ll be honest – I have looked at so many ultimate guides to keyword research on bigger sites, but none of them helped me get clear on what I was supposed to DO and how to organize all of the information.

This was one of the biggest reasons I bought the course, and I can tell you that it’s so much better than the posts and videos I found online. It was worth the price just for the keyword research module, no joke.

Let’s look at the full structure of the course so you can see exactly what’s in it:

1. Welcome & Getting Started
  • How to Go Through This Course (4:34)
  • The ABCs of SEO (2:51)
  • An Hour Per Day of SEO (5:23)
  • How Long Does It Take To Rank? (11:10)
  • Your 7 Day Ahrefs Trials (Lessons To Complete) (6:30)
  • How to Track Your SEO Progress (7:39)
  • Trello Course Roadmap (2:54)
  • Private Facebook Group
Module 1: Setting Up Your Blog To Be Fast & Mobile-Friendly
  • How to Make Your Blog Secure (SSL) (2:48)

  • How to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly (4:03)

  • An Introduction to Site Speed (5:57)

  • Tips for Improving Your Site Speed (9:44)

Module 2: Site Structure & An Optimal Homepage Design
  • An Introduction To Relevance (13:10)

  • How To Rank Even If Your Site Is Very Broad (9:39)

  • How To Make Your Navigation Google Friendly (12:48)

  • Re-Imagining Your Category Pages (13:34)

  • How To Set Up Custom Category (Silo) Pages In WordPress (6:41)

  • How To Create An Optimal Homepage Design (8:17)

Module 3: How to Do Keyword Research the Right Way
  • Your Ahrefs 7-Day Trials (Lessons to Complete)

  • An Intro To Keyword Research: What Makes A Good Keyword? (11:47)
  • Why Competitor Research Beats Traditional Keyword Research (6:00)
  • Brainstorming Your Initial Competitors (16:06)
  • How to Find Your Competitors With Ahrefs (11:01)
  • Filtering Out High-DR Sites (Batch Analysis) (9:19)
  • Finalizing Your List of Competitors (6:00)
  • How To Find Your Competitors’ Top Pages & Keywords (8:53)
  • How To Merge Your Keyword Spreadsheets (15:39)
  • How To Organize & Sort Your Spreadsheets (10:41)
  • How To Analyze Keyword Data & Develop A Content Strategy (10:53)
  • How To Determine Keyword Competitiveness (11:31)
  • How To Use Ahrefs Content Explorer For More Content Ideas (8:08)
  • How To Do Keyword Research For Existing Content (10:10)
Module 4: The Secret To Creating Epic Content That Google Loves
  • Satisfying User Intent (12:03)

  • Understanding User Satisfaction (3:23)
  • Pop-Ups, Aggressive Ads, And Bad User Experience (8:36)
  • Your Goal: Creating EPIC Content (5:22)
  • How To Research And Outline Your Content (10:12)
  • How To Find Long Tail & Related Keywords
  • How To Create Epic Content That Ranks (8:03)
  • How To Set Up Your On-Page SEO (14:01)
  • How To Use The Yoast SEO Plugin (7:05)
  • An Introduction To Content Audits (5:36)
  • How To Do An SEO Content Audit (10:45)
Module 5: Getting Started With Link Building
  • What Are Links & Why Are They So Important? (3:23)

  • The 5 Characteristics Of A Great Link (6:59)
  • Link Building Expectations (3:30)
  • Getting Into The Outreach Mindset (2:19)
  • Links You Don’t Want Any Part Of (3:47)
Module 6: How To Swipe Your Competitors’ Best Links
  • Understanding Your Competitors’ Backlinks (4:29)

  • How To Spy On Your Competitors’ Backlinks (4:12)
  • How To Merge Your Backlink Spreadsheets (4:44)
  • How To Organize & Analyze Backlink Data For Link Opportunities (12:36)
Module 7: How To Build Links With Guest Posting
  • An Introduction To Guest Posting (3:48)

  • Getting Organized For Your First Guest Post Campaign (2:51)
  • How To Find Guest Posting Opportunities (7:45)
  • Sending Your Guest Post Pitches (11:02)
  • Handling Replies & Writing Your Guest Post (7:19)
Module 8: How To Create Linkable Assets Other Websites Love Linking To
  • An Introduction To Blogger Outreach & Linkable Assets (3:59)

  • Three Types Of Linkable Assets: Infographics Guides, & Surveys (5:15)
  • How To Brainstorm Ideas For Your Linkable Asset (4:01)
  • How To Create Your Linkable Asset (7:45)
  • How To Outreach To Bloggers With Linkable Assets (10:11)



Bonus: How To Master Google’s E-A-T Algorithm
  • An Intro to the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (3:23)

  • Content Quality & The QRGs (4:50)

  • E-A-T and YMYL Pages (17:21)

  • Why Your “About” Page Matters (6:11)

  • How To Optimize Your Blog For E-A-T (3:36)
Bonus: SEO For Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Identify User Intent In The Sales Funnel (5:59)

  • How To Find Affiliate Keywords (7:14)
  • How To Create “Best [Product]” Type Content (4:54)
  • How To Create “Review” Type Content (10:24)
Bonus: How To Get Your Blog Featured On Huge Websites (HARO)
  • An Introduction To HARO (7:16)

  • Getting Set Up With HARO (4:33)
  • How To Respond To HARO Requests (10:41)
Bonus: Building Powerful “Resource Page” Links
  • An Introduction To Resource Page Link Building (2:34)

  • How To Find & Filter Resource Page Prospects (9:25)
  • How To Do Resource Page Outreach (7:08)
Bonus: The Secrets To A Successful Expert Roundup
  • An Introduction To The GuestoRoundup Technique (2:58)

  • Using Google Sheets To Get Organized (1:43)
  • Expert Roundup Overview & Choosing Your Question(s) (5:48)
  • How To Find Bloggers To Participate In Your Roundup (9:37)
  • How To Execute The Expert Roundup & Land Your Guest Posts (8:25)
Bonus: SEMRush Mini-Class
  • Finding More Competitors with SEMRush (12:09)

  • Swiping Your Competitors’ Top Pages & Keywords (6:41)
  • Spying on Your Competitors’ Backlinks (6:26)
Bonus: Behind The Scenes of Credit Takeoff
  • Niche Selection (16:20)

  • Setting Up The Site (20:03)
  • Monetization & Traffic Strategies (8:23)
  • Mapping Out a Content Strategy (11:02)
  • Hiring Freelance Writers (18:28)
  • Managing Freelance Writers (5:22)

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You even get MORE bonuses with the course:

Course Bonuses

  • Updates to the course come frequently, and you get access to older versions
  • A live private Facebook group for support – which can be invaluable to you specific situation
  • Mike offers help in the Facebook group every day, easily accessible
  • Free spreadsheets to help you build out your SEO strategy
  • Email templates to help get backlinks
  • A Trello board, with steps to check off to make sure you’re implementing everything (very useful!)
  • Behind the scenes videos of Mike building out his own niche website, with traffic strategy, content strategy, and designs (available in the advanced version of the course)



What were my biggest lessons I learned from the course?

I heard about the free boot camp that Mike offers, first. I joined the boot camp only because he had a video on keyword research, and I wanted to see what he had to say.

After much conversation with other fellow bloggers online, I bought the course vowing that this was the last piece of the blogging courses I needed to learn. The last piece of the puzzle for getting traffic and growing my blog.

I was right – it’s really everything I need to solidify my blogging education!

It is one of the best courses I’ve bought, no joke.

It’s immensely helpful in not just SEO, but how to rank for affiliates, how to do the keyword research for REAL keywords, and how to structure your blog to really hone in on your audience and tell Google that you’re amazing.

The course gives real tactics that you can use on your blog to start making good money.

The number one biggest lesson I took from the course was that you don’t need to brainstorm for keywords.

That would limit the keywords you can rank for, based on what your brain comes up with. Instead, Mike shows you the perfect strategy to backwards engineer keyword research!
This was the biggest difference I saw between all the ultimate guides online.

Some other light bulb moments I’ve had from the course:

  • My blog structure needed to be refined, even though I thought it was organized
  • How the heck to do keyword research without losing my mind
  • How to choose the right keywords
  • When you use SEO, you aren’t trapped into writing posts only on particular keywords. You’ll have so many keyword ideas that you’ll be planning your editorial calendar for like, the next year and beyond, while still being creative!
  • What “user intent” really means
  • How you could be writing posts about the WRONG intent, making it so you never rank!
  • How to write AMAZING content and how to make writing blog posts incredibly simple!
  • How to simplify your editorial calendar by performing a content audit
  • I finally had a step-by-step content strategy for my readers, instead of writing randomly. This leads into my email list, opt ins, and future products!

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But will the course work for ME?

I guarantee that if you have done the steps in the course, you will see results. It’s not a matter of “if” the course would work for you. Mike has done a wonderful job at making SEO applicable to any one for any site as long as it already has content!

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There’s no fluff in the course

Mike’s teaching style is that he shows you exactly what to do while giving you the freedom to do what works best for your situation.

He gives you the tools, and you’re not disappointed by other courses.

One of the biggest reasons I purchased was because my favorite bloggers were telling me that it was not a surface level course full of fluff.

In fact, the other SEO course I was considering, they said it was too surface level.

I like technical, deep, and step-by-step.

I don’t like over-hyping courses and I know you don’t either. You won’t be disappointed by the amount of content and value this provides, especially for the price.


It’s in plain English!

Mike says “SEO is takes a lot of hard work, but it isn’t complicated.”

This is key, and that’s why it’s called Stupid Simple SEO.

It’s not called “simple” because it’s a short course.

It’s called “simple” because Mike has made it so easy for you to follow.

So even if you’re not the techy type, and if you are overwhelmed by the information online, Mike breaks it down into such easy steps that you just follow along with what he’s saying.

As long as you follow along with it, you’ll get results!

I mentioned this earlier, but my favorite part is the Trello board! If you follow the steps and use the Trello board, the steps will work for you.

It simply can’t not!

What’s the price of the course?

Mike has recently unveiled two pricing options for your convenience, and offers a payment plan for those who aren’t ready to pay full price yet.

  • Standard: $297 (or 4-month payment plan of $87/mo) 
    • The Complete Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Course (8 Core Modules)
    • Private Students-Only Facebook Group
    • Trello Course Roadmap
    • Lifetime Updates
  • Advanced: $497 (or 4-month payment plan of $137/mo)
    • The Complete Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Course (8 Core Modules)
    • 7-Bonus Content & Link-Building Modules
    • Private Students-Only Facebook Group
    • Trello Course Roadmap
    • Lifetime Updates

For a full breakdown of what’s included in each tier, check out the main course page. If it says the course is closed, you can take the free 5 day bootcamp while you wait for it to reopen!

The differences between the Standard and Advanced options are that the advanced option includes:

  • How to create affiliate content that ranks in Google
  • How to get your blog featured on huge authority sites
  • Building powerful resource page links
  • The secrets to a successful expert roundup
  • SEMRush “Mini Class”
  • Credit Takeoff “Behind The Scenes” (his niche site)


Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

Check out the course here to sign up.  

If it says it’s closed, sign up for the waitlist with the free 5 day SEO bootcamp here.

When is the course open?

Stupid Simple SEO is open from November 11th-15th, 2019.

It’s only open for a short period of time, so if you’re ready to take the next step, I highly recommend jumping on it.

Don’t be the one who regrets not signing up during the enrollment period!

And if you don’t want the course, Mike offers a money back guarantee.

Why shouldn’t I buy the course?
What the cons to buying Stupid Simple SEO?

If you’re looking for a quick win, you can get some quick traffic from Mikes strategies in the course, however this is more of a long-term course.

See, SEO is more of an investment in time and creation, while Pinterest is for short term wins and losses.

If you want long-term sustainable traffic, you’re ready for this course.

If you want a short term, fast version to get fast-disappearing traffic, Pinterest will work just fine for you. You’ll just have to work harder to keep up and hope nothing goes wrong!

If you’re not ready to put in Mike’s recommendation for one hour of SEO per day onto your website, you aren’t ready to buy the course.

Other than that – there are no cons in my honest opinion, it’s just simply a great course that gets results.

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So, you’ve read my review of the Stupid Simple SEO course

Is your traffic going to grow this year?
What’s your action plan if your social media strategy fails, or Pinterest suspends you?
Will you be stuck struggling to keep afloat in the traffic waves?

Don’t wait until next year to start your SEO journey – your business can completely turn around within a year.

If you get started on it now, you’ll be well on your way to huge growth and traffic. If you wait….well, when will you do it?

So – if you’re interested in the Stupid Simple SEO course, and you’re ready to stop relying on smaller sources of traffic, want more obtainable and reliable traffic, with more focused blogging content strategy using affiliate links – and more… I highly encourage you to look into it.

If you’re not ready yet, be sure to check out his free 5 day boot camp by clicking here.

Stupid Simple SEO Course Image - The Success Mountain

Enroll during November 11th-15th or sign up for the waitlist and you’ll be enrolled into the FREE 5 Day Bootcamp while you wait!


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Search engine optimization strategies for 2019 involve learning skills to do it right! . Check out this course on SEO with SEO tips and strategies for todays professional blogger! Learn how to increase traffic to your blog and get found in search engine results. Click to learn more and sign up for the FREE 5 Day SEO Bootcamp today! #seo #searchengineoptimizatio #searchengine #seotips #contentmarketing #stupidsimpleseo #blogging

Search engine optimization strategies for 2019 involve learning skills to do it right! . Check out this course on SEO with SEO tips and strategies for todays professional blogger! Learn how to increase traffic to your blog and get found in search engine results. Click to learn more and sign up for the FREE 5 Day SEO Bootcamp today! #seo #searchengineoptimizatio #searchengine #seotips #contentmarketing #stupidsimpleseo #blogging

Search engine optimization strategies for 2019 involve learning skills to do it right! . Check out this course on SEO with SEO tips and strategies for todays professional blogger! Learn how to increase traffic to your blog and get found in search engine results. Click to learn more and sign up for the FREE 5 Day SEO Bootcamp today! #seo #searchengineoptimizatio #searchengine #seotips #contentmarketing #stupidsimpleseo #blogging

Search engine optimization strategies for 2019 involve learning skills to do it right! . Check out this course on SEO with SEO tips and strategies for todays professional blogger! Learn how to increase traffic to your blog and get found in search engine results. Click to learn more and sign up for the FREE 5 Day SEO Bootcamp today! #seo #searchengineoptimizatio #searchengine #seotips #contentmarketing #stupidsimpleseo #blogging