Easy Tactics to Avoid Content Overload

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Productivity

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the many options being thrown at you multiple times a day, Pinterest bribing you with beautiful pins, and clickable ads on Facebook that lead you to a one-time offer of a free ecourse, or maybe an interesting podcast.

But after awhile, you get so many pieces of content that you wonder how you’re going to consume it all? You feel like you need to get that checklist for your business, and sign up for that challenge because you’re working on it next month, but it gets overwhelming!

How can we combat that overwhelm?

What things can we do to effectively use that content, but also be able to stay sane?

I’ve outlined a few tips that I like to use to consume content and save me from overwhelm!

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1 | Consume content while multitasking

Okay so I know that there’s no multitasking and that it doesn’t really exist, but you can at least listen to some videos while you’re chopping vegetables for dinner, right?

You can also read some emails while in line at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, or play videos while you’re driving. As long as they’re not showing you information you need to be paying attention to and they are just talking!

You would be listening to the radio anyway right? Unless that’s your relaxation time, you might as well get some benefit from it! So I try to multitask juuuust a tiny bit here and there when I want to. The key is only to do it when you want to, because we’re trying to avoid the overwhelm!


2 | Use tools to consume content easier

Oh, computer tools. Sometimes they work for us, sometimes they work against us!

One of the things that I like to use while watching Youtube videos or course videos is the video speed controller Chrome extension. It helps speed up the contents so that I’m effectively gaining the information, increasing my time, and the people aren’t talking too slow.

Am I the only one that gets annoyed by people talking too slow on videos? I hope not!

You can also use the read-aloud option on Windows and Mac computers to have the computer read out loud to you while you multitask and do other things like cooking dinner or folding laundry.


3 | Unsubscribe from everything and start over

Use tools like unroll me (https://www.unroll.me/)  to completely unsubscribe from everything and start over from scratch. Then go through all of your inbox emails and delete everything so you have a clear slate to start on.

Save all of your free materials that you have been collecting in a particular folder so you don’t lose them, and delete the emails that are attached to them. I keep mine in a folder collected and ready for when I am at that part in my business. That way, I don’t go through the same thing multiple times, I don’t focus on something I shouldn’t be focusing on, and I get more done that way because I have a resource to look at when I’m at that point.


4 | Make sure you’re consuming the content efficiently so you don’t repeat content

When you opt into a newsletter and get a freebie, free course, or watch a video, the best way to keep track of what you’ve learned so that you don’t sign up for something similar in the future, is to make an action list.

As you go through the content, create an action list and either starred or highlighted on your paper when you’re taking notes so you can complete those actions, and make sure you’re using that information effectively.  Otherwise, what’s the point of consuming all the content if you’re not going to use it and benefit from it? You don’t want to waste your own precious time!

I’ve created this notebook just for our TSM readers to write down those hidden gems that you find when you are consuming your content!


So that’s it for my five tips to avoid content overload from all of the content that’s in the world! If you have any questions or any random other tips that you like to use to consume content and avoid overload please let me know in the comments below!

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