The Boss Chronicles: November 2018 [Pre-Income Report]

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To read the very first report of The Boss Chronicles, head over to this post here, where I talk about the idea behind The Boss Chronicles, and more about my personal story.

DISCLAIMER: This post may contain affiliate links, where, at no cost to you, I may receive a small income for your purchase. Thank you for your support!

Oh, budding entrepreneur.
You see them all over the interwebs:
Income reports.

When you read other income reports, you see those new bloggers claiming to have made thousands that month.

But it’s not often that you see the story about the business before it started making money.


Most bloggers start to publish income reports after they start making money – but you’ve got questions like:

How long did it take them to get there?

What steps did they take that caused their success? What things caused their failures?

& what does a business online really look like on the inside, every day?

And even though I’m a new blogger, I’m going to dive into talking about blogging anyway.

But instead, I want to put a twist on the ol’ income report.

Because I get it. Income reports are enticing.

Reading other income reports has helped me see what actions I should be taking as a business owner, what things to look out for and what plans I should be making.

So I wanted to introduce this idea of The Boss Chronicles – where I talk to you about the real, tangible, actionable steps that I am taking to start making money from a blog.

I’ll outline for you what my goals were each month, along with other metrics, and actions I’ve taken to move my business forward – or what has stepped us back.

But who am I?

My name is Tiffany and I have been working at home for over two years now.

I started selling on Amazon FBA in 2015 and quit my full-time job in 2016.

After a while of selling on Amazon, I realized there’s a less risky way of making money online that would allow me to be location independent and run multiple businesses.

So, I pivoted.

I straight up walked away from my growing business on Amazon.

And I risked it all again to start a blog.

And while I have pivoted my own business, I have still gained plenty of knowledge and experience in my previous business, which is where I can help.

This is why I started The Boss Chronicles.

Because there’s no way we can’t live the life we’ve always craved.

Because I’m on a mission to pay off debt, and so are you.

Because I’m building a community of online entrepreneurs who know that life isn’t all about cubicles and commutes.

Because you and me?  We know there’s more to life, and there’s an entire incredibly amazing and beautiful world out there we have yet to explore.

Are you ready? Let’s get to it!

November 2018 Blog Pre-Income Report:

We are changing the layout of the Boss Chronicles posts to make it easier to consume!
I say ‘we’ like I have a team or something, lol.
Really it’s just me, in my Lululemons and a bun, in my office, alone. Haha!

Anywho, I thought it would be easier to consume and write if I changed up the layout to read like this:

  • A Monthly Recap – Wins and the focus for the month
  • Content – Blog posts, newsletters, videos, etc that I created
  • Promotion & Marketing – Social media and any current projects
  • Money – Expenses and income for the blog so far!

So let’s get to it for November!


What Happened This Month?

Focus: I was supposed to focus on content buuuut…

Okay, okay, I know just focusing on creating content sounds really boring – but sometimes your business can be monotonous! Sometimes persistence is all you need. Not new tools, not new processes or strategies – just keep on keeping on!

The problem for this month was that I didn’t get nearly as much done in November as I wanted. Currently in my life I’m finishing up my college math class and I stayed at my grandma’s for a week, so the blog had to go by the wayside while life went on.

Life happens, and it’s important that when you can’t get to your business, you’re allowed to take time now and then to get through it. Make sure to get right back on the work horse though.

I’m the type of person to be hard on myself for not getting enough done (like, every single week), yet I put too much on my plate because I’m quite ambitious. I want to get a lot done.

If this is also you – comment and let me know I’m not alone in this!

So next month will be better. Ahem – it’s December already! I’m doing some work for the new year already and have my sights set on a much more organized system!


I recently went through Allison Lindstrom’s Blogging Business Course and it’s really changed my perspective on how I focus and organize my to-do list! I also was recommended by my mastermind group to read The One Hour Content Plan by Meera Kothand.

So these are my wins! I finally feel like I am over the mental block I had on my blog about content creation. I was stuck on whether or not I should go down one path or the other (should I write about this niche, or go deep into this niche? This was my dilemma for a long while). I am getting over that mental block and consumed some quite useful content on how to get things to all come together!


No matter what business you’re in, you have to learn from your mistakes. Most of what you’ll learn is in taking action and doing the things rather than learning from a book or course. So I am making it a point to put in the fails for the times when I know I’ve learned something. That way I can learn, and you can learn from my mistakes, too!

As mentioned above, my fails for November are that I didn’t get hardly hardly anything done that I wanted to, lol. To learn from this, I am restructuring my to-do list and nailing down my blogging tasks better. I’ll talk more about this later.

I also had a problem with my Convertkit sequences and emails! I thought I knew what I was doing with it but – just another technical hurdle to get over! I am a tech girl so you’d think I knew what I was doing, but nope! It’s still a struggle! This tells me that others are also struggling with it….hmmm…content idea? 🙂

I also had great plans to do a 12 Days of Christmas celebration with my email subscribers. I had it mostly planned out and I realized I made these mistakes:
1. I planned it too late
2. It takes longer than I was expecting
3. I couldn’t work at all for about two and a half weeks and couldn’t fit it in. Actually sending my emails for my new subscribers became priority instead of creating new emails.




Page Views:

Last Month: 2382
This Month:1807

Still dropping from last month – obviously this is because there’s a direct correlation between taking action and not taking action – of course haha! To be expected.



Blog Posts:

I wrote 6 posts, where I focused on the theme of holiday gifts! I was excited to do this one mainly because I was already shopping for these items, but also it’s just fun to take a break from the more difficult how-to posts and write some fun ones!

Here are the posts I got done for November:

The Best Gifts for Amazon Sellers So They Make More Money!

Best Books for Bloggers to Cultivate Their Blog in 2019

Best Books for Ecommerce Boutique Owners to Grow Their Shops

The Best Gifts for Bloggers They’d Never Ask For (But Secretly Want!)

Best Business Books for Beginner Entrepreneurs [Gift Guide 2018]

The Boss Chronicles: October 2018 [October Pre-Income Report]


Here are my most popular posts for the month:

The Best FREE Mind Mapping Softwares for Brainstorming

9 Best Subreddits for Self-Improvement

How to Create Organized Business Systems Like A Boss

Ecommerce Product Review: Tangent Templates

Best FREE Courses for Entrepreneurs You Need To Take This Year!

How to Create the PERFECT Editorial Calendar in Trello [Free Template!]

7 Greatest Skills You Need to Hit Your Life’s Target [Book Summary: Brian Tracy’s Bullseye]


The Hidden Gem Newsletters:

Number of newsletters: One. BAD BLOGGER!

Funny story about Convertkit for this month. For some reason I struggle with setting up ConvertKit sequences, automations, tags, blahblahblah! I realized that I didn’t even utilize my list in the right way (sorry subscribers!) and some of them weren’t even getting the email sequences! PANIC MODE!

So I had to reach out to Convertkit’s team and I had them sit with me, over a few days and I just asked them question over question in order to master the platform. Now I am still learning on how to do certain automated sequences, visual automations, and tags, but at least I know my list is getting the emails that they signed up for!

So I ended up sending ONE newsletter! I didn’t want some people who hadn’t gotten their welcome sequence emails to get my regular newsletter emails since I’ve had more subscribers this month than previous months. It got a bit messy, so I spent a couple of days doing that and now that it’s solved I can go back to normal newsletters!

Also, this is another lesson I learned this month: Long newsletters are difficult for me! I always get stressed about what I should email, and I always end up coming back to writing about what I feel inspired to write and what I know would help you guys somehow along with any cool tools or pieces of content I’ve found along the way.

So I had this idea in the middle of the night and I’m now utilizing that in my newsletters now. I am shortening them and going with a more inspired knowledgeable bite-sized lessons – which is what The Hidden Gem is all about! Little gems that you find as you grow and learn to be successful as an entrepreneur.

Shameless plug – subscribe if you want little hidden gems to help you improve your life and online business!


Promotions & Marketing:

Social Media:

Pinterest: An ever evolving beast

Pinterest is something that I’m still diving deep into and coming up with a good routine and strategy for. I’m constantly trying new pin designs and coming up with strategies to combine the things I’ve learned into something cohesive. Eventually I’ll write about my triple threat Pinterest strategy (comment below if you want to hear it!)

Group Boards: I didn’t join any new group boards except one I had requested quite a while ago. I’m still around 55ish boards

Monthly Viewers: From 290k to 372k – I have now surpassed where I originally was before I got suspended – woohoo!

Pinterest Followers: From 523 to 610! Doing well!

Right now I’m currently focusing on one platform – Pinterest. In early 2019 I am going to expand to a new platform.
My method is that I want to focus and master one platform first before moving onto the next.

As the Chinese proverb says, if you chase two rabbits, both will get away!




I’m not going to include expenses for one-time costs such as education until I start making income, because there’s nothing I can do to start paying that off yet. I also won’t be including yearly annual costs until then, which include hosting and Tailwind. All of my costs will likely be included in a later income report.

Recurring Expenses:
ConvertKit: ($29)


This is called a pre-income report because I wanted to talk about the journey to getting to the income reports as a blogger. So of course, I have income for the blog trickling into those affiliate from Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliates, and various affiliate programs I plan on diving into more soon. But none of those will be given to me until they reach thresholds – so for now we are just pre-income!


Goals and Strategies for Next Month:

Current Projects:

Building strategies and processes

Right now I’m focusing on getting my routines nailed down and planning out early 2019! But more on that later! Allison Lindstrom who I mentioned earlier has given me a particular perspective. She teaches the different methods of taking action in your blog such as automation tasks, setting up tasks, etc. I’m utilizing her teaching to come up with my 2019 plan and getting ahead on my content creation.

This month will be a busy one with the holidays, family get togethers, lots of cooking (and eating!) – and I also am trying to utilize a trial of Scribd from my Genius Bloggers Toolkit bonus. So I will be consuming a lot of content for this month. I am using this month to rest and recalculate – then it’s to kick some business butt in early 2019 – woohoo!

The next one of these will be in 2019 – happy new year!!

That’s it for the first Boss Chronicles post!

Catch you next month for November’s recap to see if I made any money in my first few months of blogging, and if I meet my goals.

Let’s talk business!

Thanks for reading through The Boss Chronicles, and if there’s things that you are struggling with on your boss journey, or questions I haven’t answered, or any other thoughts – please leave a comment below! Let’s talk business!


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What months have we covered so far?

Check out all of the Boss Chronicles here!

September 2018 – The one where my page views dropped.
October 2018 – The one where I made income in my 5th month!
November 2018 – You are here!

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