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My favorite resources for business and entrepreneurs will be listed here! These are tools you can use in your own business, people you can go check out, and my favorite places to hang out online.

People and Influencers I Follow



Ash Ambirge//The Middle Finger Project:
One of the only newsletters that I open on a continual basis, Ash gives it to you real, and with a total no-BS attitude!

The Shop Files//Etsy Shop & Instagram:*
A fun resource to go for tips from Kate on product photography, selling on Etsy, and growing your Instagram.

Female Entrepreneur Association//Online Business:
Carrie Green is a fantastic resource that you should definitely check out! Her website offers inspiration, mindset tips, and business tips to help you succeed in your online business.

Amy Landino//AmyTV:
An influencer on Youtube, Amy helps you build your Youtube channel for your business, and helps you improve yourself along the way with her witty comments.

Katharyne Shelton//BlueSkySuite:
Katharyne focuses on selling on Amazon and runs several successful Facebook groups on how to sell Createspace books, building a brand, and using your creativity to create your own products to sell online!

Ruth Soukup//Elite Blog Academy:
Ruth is known for a tough love approach to blogging. She runs the Elite Blog Academy course and tells it like it is!


Productivity Tools


My Adaptable Career:
A resource that focuses on tools and productivity, Emily gives great inspiration to get your business together and stay productive!




Faith Mariah//Radical Transformation Project:
Great resource for mental health and self-care. Faith has some fantastic free printables to help you master your anxiety and depression – be sure to check her out!

I recently discovered Lisa – and she has helped me make a better plan for my diet with my autoimmune conditions. Her recipes are delicious and as an entrepreneur I need all the help I can get when it comes to energy and staying healthy in order to work in my online business!

Rachel Aust//Health & Wellness Blogger:
Rachel has PCOS like I do, and being able to follow her allows me to get some great direction as to where I should be going with my health and wellness journey.

Sam has unique tips and insights into self-improvement, focusing on habits, goals, and reading a lot of books. I love her insights and her quotes are awesome!



Of course – you need to be self-hosted to run a successful website!

To host your website

To sell ebooks online that create passive income

Productivity Tools


I use this to plan my projects, manage my VA, and it holds all of my ideas and information about my brand and blog editorial calendar

Another alternative to Trello – I love this tool but had switched to Trello for a little while. I had actually used Asana as a CRM tool at one point, which did fairly well.

Hubspot CRM:
To hold my sales leads for my Amazon wholesale business and business contacts

Great for keeping track of your to do’s, and you can even set it up to be a bullet journal!

Design Tools

Creating graphics is so easy, no membership needed!

Finding graphics, selling your own graphics, CreativeMarket has anything you need to make digital products!

Fantastic tutorials and high quality graphics to help you learn!

Free commercial free stock photo website that you can use for your blog, or anywhere you need a photo!


Other Websites & Tools

Managing Employees/VA’s

A resource to hire virtual assistants

Another resource to hire virtual assistants – but specifically for the Philippines



Enchanted Marketing:
Marketing and writing copy for those who suck at it!


Forge your own path…

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