How to Turn a Bedroom Into Your Dream Chic Solopreneur Office!

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When you walk into your office space right now, whether that’s a spot on your couch, a messy kitchen table or the local coffee shop – do you feel unmotivated, uninspired, dread, or frustration? You may see cluttered papers, unorganized post-it’s, or random things your family has left on the coffee table.
And, because of this scattered mess, I bet you’ve thought about turning your spare guest bedroom into an office, right?!

Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve tried to find a way to make my office area an inviting space for me to work.

This has been a work in progress as I hop around from the couch to the chair, to the kitchen table, and to turning a bedroom into an office.

Honestly – I feel like I’ve failed each time!

I’ve moved my office a couple of times into different rooms, but none of them feels right.

Each time I try to set up my office to be cute and organized like I have in my head, it doesn’t work out. I’m definitely no designer – but I like great design!

Some people may say, well that sounds like an excuse, because you can work from anywhere – and this is so true!

But I end up just working on my couch, on my bed, kitchen table, or another room in my house. I apparently like to move around a lot.

There is something to be said about your work environment, though. And, I really want a dedicated office that isn’t cold and uninviting to work in.

You want to feel inspired when you walk in to work each day. And I want it to be filled with my favorite things and make me feel excited to go in there and kick some business ass.

I’m sure some of you can relate – and therefore I wanted to put together some things I wish I had found online when I was putting together my spare bedroom into an inspiring office to work in!

First, let’s go over some things a solopreneurs bedroom/office space should have:

  • A great desk & chair
  • Filing cabinet for the inevitable paperwork
  • Shelves or bookshelves
  • Cable management methods
  • White board/Chalk board/Bulletin board
  • Your favorite things
  • Artwork for inspiration

A Great Desk

You need to make sure your desk and chair are ergonomic. If you are spending more than a couple of hours at your desk and chair, this is one thing you want to spend the majority of your funds on – and may be the most important. If you don’t have the proper ergonomics in place, you can get carpal tunnel, tennis elbow or trigger finger – all of which just sound painful. In fact, I have carpal tunnel, and I can tell you – it’s not fun. Getting the right desk will save you lots of headaches, back and neck pain in the future.

According to Chron, an ergonomic desk should be 28-30 inches high for people who are 5’8”-5’10”. Here’s a handy calculator to calculate the right ergonomics for your desk and chair height.

I’m allll about a white chair and a white desk. So clean!

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A Comfortable Chair

You want your elbows to be at right angles, and level with your desk when you rest them on your computer chair’s arms. You also want to focus on getting a chair with optimum lumbar support for those long days in the office.


A Good Business Computer and Monitors

As an IT person, it’s only my responsibility to explain how important a good computer is for your  business! You need to make sure you get the right hard drive space, RAM, and functionality in a computer to operate your business at optimal speed for success. You don’t want to be halfway through a business call when your computer freezes – imagine the horror!

In all seriousness, I would panic just a bit if that happened. Therefore, I make sure I have at least the following for a good decent computer:

8 GB of RAM or above
at LEAST 500 GB Hard Drive or above to store your files
Core i5 processor or Core i7 processor or better

Anything lower than these, you will find that your files and software run slowly.
Also, if you plan on installing any software that requires more computing power, such as games (what are you doing playing at work?!) then you will want to get something heftier than that.

Brand doesn’t matter too much, although a lot of IT people may balk at that – what’s important is knowing that you get what you pay for. Technology moves so fast that you want to make sure you are buying as much as you can afford, because it will get out of date quickly. The better equipment you buy now, you won’t have to buy a new one again as quickly.

It’s up to you if you want to get a laptop or a desktop. Most of us freelancers and entrepreneurs have laptops – and I have mine connected to a docking station, which connects to two external monitors.

This means I have my laptop open, with two big monitors next to it. This has improved my working performance and productivity immensely. Flipping from window to window is no longer a hassle, and I simply drag and drop it to the other screen, to keep multiple tasks and software open at the same time. I can tell you – I will never go back to working on one simple laptop screen. Ever!


You also want to be sure you are backed up in case of a surge from a storm, or if the power goes out. I use these UPS’s (Universal Power Supply) to save me from such occasions. Nothing like a 20 page document getting lost because you lost power and didn’t save!


A Filing Cabinet or File Box

Have you ever seen the crazy beautiful organization of paperwork at A Bowl Full of Lemons? I used to stare at her filing system and admire how amazing it was. Then, I did it myself!
Now, instead of internally sighing when I stare at my pile of unorganized paperwork, I keep everything in my “Important Papers Box”. That’s what we call it around here – to the point!

And, it looks pretty, so I’m more inclined to keep things organized, in place, and make new folders when I need to.

This image is from A Bowl Full of Lemons. You can see the original post here.

As a bonus, I use my filing box as a foot rest under my desk, hehe!


You can’t forget the label maker, right? I like to imagine that if Monica from FRIENDS were around, she would have her own blog entirely about organization. Except that one closet. We don’t talk about the closet.


Wall Shelves or Book Shelves

These are the Kallax bookshelves from Ikea (conveniently on Amazon!) I have a bunch of these, but shorter, and I love them! They’re seriously so useful, easy to move around, and keep clean. I want to buy the drawers and doors for them, I just haven’t done it yet.


A Method to Manage Cables

Ugly wiring can make a pretty office look cluttered reeeeeal quick. To solve this, simply get a wire basket and attach it to your desk, or get plastic clips to clip your wiring in. You can also use velcro ties if your desk doesn’t allow you to attach baskets or clips.

A White Board, Chalk Board or Bulletin Board to Capture Ideas

All entrepreneurs have business ideas. And if you don’t keep them organized, they just get lost in the mess! I like having a white board to capture my current thoughts, another whiteboard with a to-do list on it, and I need to get myself a bulletin board, because I find myself taping things to the wall – ha!

For ultimate business success and starting your awesome business, you want to make sure you have your goals in front of you at ALL times. This means using said bulletin board to put your goals, your why’s and pictures to remind you of why you’re working so late on a Saturday night. Trust me, those days will come!

You cannot – I repeat – you CANNOT have TOO MUCH WHITEBOARD. I’m tellin ya.

A Few Of Your Favorite Things

Engaging the senses is what is going to turn your spare bedroom into the dream office you’ve been craving full of chic-ness!

Get a fluffy rug to feel beneath your feet, a speaker to listen to opulent focus music (p.s. here’s a good playlist) and an oil diffuser or candle to set the mood for righteous, productive work.

If oil’s not your thing – how about a candle?

Don’t forget something fun to add for your desk such as a fidget toy (I seriously love mine and play with it all the time, especially on the phone) or some cute cat butt magnets or squishies!


Inspiring Office Artwork

No bedroom-turned-office would be interior-designer complete without artwork on the walls!

Choose colors that make you happy. Choose words that inspire you. Choose minimalism if it helps you feel clear and focused. Choose bright colors if it makes you feel inspired.

Choose to paint your own artwork!

Whatever you pick, it’s just as important as ergonomics to choose something to put on your walls that will really kick-start your day, and make you remember why this is all worth it. Setting the foundation for success is vital. When you walk in, you see the artwork first, especially if it’s large enough on your walls.

Set the mood for ass-kicking, and always go for bigger pieces!


Your bedroom-turned-office should have pieces of furniture that you are inspired to work at. Nothing stops creativity in it’s tracks like a tan filing cabinet, amiright?!

Focus on only bringing in pieces that make you feel happy. Get rid of everything that doesn’t. Paint, add color, add texture, indulge the senses!

There – now you have your chic office plan ready to go!
I’m always interested to see and hear what others have created in their offices. What are you going to add to turn your bedroom into an office to make it inspiring?

How to Turn a Bedroom Into Your Dream Chic Solopreneur Office! | The Success Mountain | Do you want to convert your spare bedroom to an office? Here's how to do it and what cute chic products to make it look uber-chic! | #officeideas #bedroomtoofficeideas #chicoffice #entrepreneuroffice #workfromhomeoffice #office #sparebedroom

How to Turn a Bedroom Into Your Dream Chic Solopreneur Office! | The Success Mountain | Do you want to convert your spare bedroom to an office? Here's how to do it and what cute chic products to make it look uber-chic! | #officeideas #bedroomtoofficeideas #chicoffice #entrepreneuroffice #workfromhomeoffice #office #sparebedroom