6 Ways to Easily Improve Your Remote Team Building

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When crafting a message to someone you’ve never met online, you tend to type, read, reword it, rewrite it, and then send it, right?

That’s because we don’t know the person on the other end, and can’t gauge the typical body or social cues that we would pick up on if we were otherwise in person with them. We can’t tell if they like or dislike anything we’ve said, so we word things to convey a certain emotion via text.

This is the same with team building with your remote employees and virtual assistants.
How can we strengthen this relationship with our VA’s while being so distant? Typical team building games are impossible, you can’t hop in a car and go to lunch to get to know them, and not really talking about their personal lives makes it hard to connect and feel like you’re a real team.

It’s up to you to change this, boss!

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6 ways to improve team relationships with your virtual assistants


1 | Use GIFs or emojis/emoticons

Not just for teenage girls, emoji’s, or emoticons as I still call them are actually the closest thing we have to body language when communicating online. Thank goodness for emoticons to help us with conveying “facial expressions”!

Sometimes you can’t tell if an explanation point is angry, or just excited – emoticons help!


2 | Sneak in some personal questions

Ask about how their day or week has been, ask about their family or their favorite holidays. You would feel dejected coming back from the weekend if your boss asked all the other coworkers how their weekend was but didn’t ask you because you don’t sit right next to them even though you’re on the same team.

It’s the same with virtual coworkers. It’s good leadership and business practice (and just being human) to invest time in getting to know your employees.


3 | Make it personal

Make sure to include them in some decision making or ask for their input. From their point of view, they get instructions from a boss they’ve never met to do a task that hopefully has all of the information and instructions in it.

You need to show them that they are a valued part of the team and paint a picture for them on how their work affects your other workflows. It can also help them improve their work!


4 | Tailor tasks to their interests and strengths

Although this might be hard for a lot of the tasks they need to do, I think it’s very important that your VA is interested in the job they’re doing.
To me there is a direct correlation of effective good work and personal interest in the task. Clear and concise instructions are a big part of this, too. This leads me to my next tip.


5 | Be as clear as a gem

Setting goals and being extremely clear about your expectations will not only set the tone for your partnership together, but it will also give them clear defined rules and boundaries about what you expect from them, the work that needs completed, and defined responsibilities.

Try to make it as crystal clear as possible:

We need 5 new customers by the end of this week

Send 100 emails to new clients by next Friday afternoon

When doing this task, make sure that this happens. If this doesn’t happen, do this instead. (alright that example’s about as clear as mud – but a workflow process would solve this problem).


6 | Get them excited

When we’re writing new tasks for our VA’s, its easy to give instructions to do the 5 things you need done and to move onto the next thing on your list. However, for the VA, this can get tedious. No personal talk or excitement in the job can lead to lower quality workflow output.

Make things exciting again by saying WOOHOO I am so excited that we met our goal this week! It may sound corny, but when’s the last time you were super excited for meeting a small goal like that? It’s good for you, too, boss.


There you have it: 6 ways to improve your team building with your remote virtual assistants!

If you are struggling with feeling connected to your VA, ask yourself if you are being a good leader. Your remote virtual assistant team is just like a national remote team in America. Use the same tips to stay connected and become a better leader and boss in the meantime. Use emoticons to convey emotion via text, get to know your employee, ask their input, make sure they enjoy their job, be as clear as possible with instructions, and keep the excitement and culture going! Start implementing these and you’ll be on your way to providing a more valuable relationship with your VA!   What awesome tips do you have to keep a good team relationship with your VA’s? Let us know!



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